Monday, 5 November 2012

The BBC and the Curse of Jimmy Savile

It is now on; the witch hunt for paedophiles. Included among the offenders is the BBC who’s handling of the Savile affair and now, allegedly Leonard Rossiter who, so one ‘victim’ has revealed, was abused by the long dead actor, has promoted an outcry from the media.
I have no opinion on the recent allegations and am happy to let proofs be delivered. Savile we know about although sadly too late to see justice done. The BBC though strike me as no more guilty than the Monarchy, ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher , Princess Diana, Stoke Mandeville Hospital and the NHS. Oh yes, and the then British Government along with the Papal Office. Of course it is appalling that such an organisation as the Beeb who would appear to have, if not known categorically, had suspicions of the former DJ and TV presenters perverse tastes and did nothing. But then again so many ex-colleagues are now saying they knew this or had heard that and still did nothing. I like Paul Gambacini but for him to suggest that no one would have listened and even if they had no one would have believed him now sounds remarkably like a German World War Two soldier saying he had heard of Auschwitz and would have spoken up but was too scared to.

Yes, the BBC do need to examine themselves and ensure such behaviour to either young people or women never happens again, that even a whisper of such activity should be treated with the most rigorous of investigations. I suspect though that this is all a case of bolting the door several decades after the horse has escaped. In this case not simply escaped but died and been buried. Sadly not used for manufacturing glue.

And what of the media? I find it almost hypocritical the way the Sun has jumped in to assault the BBC; if not hypocrisy then a smoke screen to cover self-interest.  Surely not a case of Murdoch’s empire striking back after their own appalling action vis á vies telephone hacking?

Savile fooled everyone including leading politicians, members of the monarchy and the Pope. Now that he has escaped justice I see little point in piling blame onto the organisation he worked for. The truth must be exposed in all its embarrassing detail but let’s remember who the real perpetrator is or rather was.

If the BBC are found wanting then I sincerely hope balance is applied for not only are they an agency who delivers news without having to assuage clients self-interest but they are also responsible for creating Children In Need which, rumour has it, is about to suffer this year due to the unholy machinations of one man’s sexual perversions. Now that really would be Savile’s last laugh.

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Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

'Now that he has escaped justice I see little point in piling blame onto the organisation he worked for.'

Something to consider, as in how much are they to blame? I don't know the story, just heard a bit on Talk Sport and that is when I am falling asleep late at night/early monrning. Just in general terms on this type of issue if there is no cover-up then it can be pretty difficult to catch someone that does this type of thing in the act. It often takes a victim to turn.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Hi Russell,

Thanks for the comment.

I think that historically not they but perhaps someone at the Beeb has been guilty of simply doing nothing, of having a little knowledge but dismissing it as gossip without investigating fully. Many 'knew' of the mans odd tastes but all were fond, too fond perhaps, of passing it off as being 'Oh we know waht he's like but he's harmless really.' The fact he wasn't has only come to light posthoumously.

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