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Of The Archbishop of Canterbury, Faith, The Church and Christianity in Generall

With the Archbishop of Canterbury about to retire after ten years in the role, the search continues to find a replacement. As history has revealed, the Anglican Church exists, in part, due to the machinations of Henry VIII without who, even if Protestantism had flourished in England, would have been a different faith to that currently followed.
The whole idea of having an authoritative office is repugnant to me. I do not understand why it exists. The same has to be said for the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, as a devout atheist, a humanist, I fail to see much difference between either apart from some pomp and circumstance and a great deal of wealth.
Do Christians need an organised body to instruct them how to believe? If yes then how so? Surely being Christian means you follow The Christ not some chaps in frocks.

Today in Britain only 1.9% of the population go to church. No doubt having such a mixed faith society has contributed to this decline. However, it may well be that modern day Christians as their faith evolves, find they no longer need to attend. Perhaps they talk to God in the comfort of their homes, or in their garden or wherever they feel comfortable talking to God.
The blunt truth, unpalatable to many Christians, is that once research was made into the Bible, something like one hundred years ago, a host of inconsistencies started to raise their thorny heads. The individual books that make up the body of work that represents the Christian faith were filled with conflicting and inaccurate dates and detail; riddled by preposterous deceptions that clashed with historical events.  Obviously the church, faced with having to substantiate a falsehood that had no foundation in reality did what any controlling organisation does, it lied. It continued to perpetuate the myth that fiction was history. It continued to assert, as it still does, that there was a man called Jesus and God is not the obnoxious dictatorial deity the Old Testament makes him seem.
If that final sentance seems a little bit extreme please refer to when Yahweh instructed Abraham to kill his son. The chosen method was to burn him, to barbecue your own child.  Would any just, caring god do that? Of course in modern times the story has been glossed over as being a lesson in challenging authority. I wonder if the child saw it that way? And what of Soddom and Gomorah? This so called all poweful deity didn't simply take justice on the guilty; he killed everyone in the city. Guilty and innocent alike. Not how I ever thought of God behaving.
Then there is the arrogance of the Christian Church. To enter the realms of heaven one not only has to do good, performing all the humane acts one would expect of any normal individual, one has to believe in something that might be possible but is highly improbable. To be assured of entering this hallowed realm you must practise the age old rituals; prescribe to the tired old dogma: you must follow God. Without doing this, by default, you are flawed, you wont get in. This supreme conceit implies that Confucians, Buddhists, Taoists and all the many other philosophical life beliefs, good though they may be, are simply not good enough. They wont get in either. Neither I nor they want to climb the stairway to heaven, unless it be when listening to Led Zepplin.

It is not that faith isn’t good. It is not that being Christian is wrong. It is simply that you can have both without the need to believe in something that has at its base a thin tissues of lies. Surely a real Christian needs only to try to emulate the man they worship. Buddhists do. In fact Buddhists go one stage further. They say if you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha. The phrase is a symbolic reference. No one has the right to elevate themselves to Godhead. The man called Jesus was a Jew not a Christian. He was not the son of God. Another created that faith then others warped it beyond belief.  If he, Jesus, did indeed exist, and i do believe someone like him did, he only wanted to change Judaism, readjust its autocratic ways. He did not want to create a monster that would go on to run rough shod over anyone who didn’t share its beliefs. The church is that monster. A well intentioned, benevolent monster now but still a monster whose unpleasant history of torture and bigotry to other faiths, other belief systems has damaged forever the good it now perfomrs. Perhaps karma will balance things for it.

Surely it is time to turn away from the church? Time for the church to close its doors? To tell the faithful if they need to talk to God then go direct. Is it not time for Christians to follow their messiah rather than the dictates of the church? If they want to follow The Christ then follow the goodness inherent in mankind, effectively follow their heart.

I am not anti-Christian nor am I anti any religion even if I find the concept puzzling, I am anti-Church. In fact I am anti virtually all organised faith groups. Who needs them? What purpose do they serve? Faith is individual it doesn't need organising.
My own beliefs are strictly my own. I do not need anyone to tell me which path to take as I walk the road of life. When I get to the summit at the end of my days I will have got there by a route equally as valid but totally different to anyone else’s.
Christians are fine by me as are Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs and all the other faiths who follow whatever it is they do. I simply cannot see the point of having an organised body telling another person what is right, what is wrong or how they should lead their lives. If you select a faith to follow do it quietly without preaching or, and vitally important this, having the need to indoctrinate the young
An obvious illustration of how bad faith is when organised can be seen in some areas of the United States where fundamental right wing Christians whip up unrest as do groups like the Taliban in the Middle-East. Both are bad. I also believe that faith should not be taught at schools. It is wrong for a faith group to try and 'brainwash' children. If God, Allah or Yahweh are so powerful they do not need mere men to do their work for them.
Believe in Jesus if you want but without the need of vicars, priests or archbishops.

Here is a poem from years ago:

Jesus was a songwriter
And a beautiful song it was too
But the band he chose to play his songs
Was off key and out of tune
I don’t know why I despise the church
Quite the way I do
Perhaps it’s their hypocrisy or the horrid things they've done
Or maybe it’s my childhood
That in my memory floats
The way they took their religion
Then forced it down my throat
I don’t know why I hate the church
With its incense, candles and false hope
But then again maybe I do.

I deliberately posted this on a Sunday as that is the Pagan day dedicated to the Sun God and not the Sabbath which in point of fact is on a Saturday.

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