Monday, 8 October 2012

Recently I was contacted by a literary agent, one who arranges a meeting with a large publisher, in this case Pearson, who sits and listen as you make your pitch. I would have loved to have gone but at between £350 to £450 a pop it is far too steep for me.

It would have been ideal for 'The Wilful Walks of Russell Duffy,' the trilogy but also for Fekenham which, although drip selling, is not getting the audience I had hoped for

They asked me, before I declined the invitaion, thinking I only had the one book to sell, to write a synopsis. As Fekenham is on Kindle I opted to present 'The Walks.' I posted this recently on LinkedIn:

A working class flánuer reconnects with his roots as he walks around the county of his birth - Essex. A walk turns into a journey which itself carries a metaphor in its back pack. Observations are made, history recalled then retold along with a curious mix of self-examination, spiritual soul searching and essays woven into the fabric of the narrative. The Wilful Walks of Russell Duffy Book One forms the first in a trilogy of books that start in Essex then make their way to London before finally arriving in Ireland. In short: a man, his roots and a pair of stout boots.

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