Wednesday, 10 October 2012

On Jimmy Savile

News of Jimmy Savile’s alleged paedophilic tendencies has reached epic proportions. No longer just a wicked rumour spread by some vindictive adolescences, now all grown women, but confirmed, if only by collective nods and winks,  affirmation of his predatory sexual habits.
For the minute forget his alleged deviance, and I use the word ‘alleged’ advisedly, but concentrate rather on all those who knew, or at least profess they did, of his unpleasant tastes. Ester Rantzen, who I like and admire, has now stated she, among many at the Beeb, suspected the saintly Saville of perverse acts. Others too have come forward to add their pennies worth including, I believe, the police who had monitored his activities for years but had not been able to corroborate evidence. If so many thought or suspected this man of committing such acts why has it taken so long to speak up?
I am not talking about the poor girls who have been fondled, kissed and abused but rather of the seemingly numerous colleagues who ‘thought they knew,’ who had their suspicions. Why has it taken so long to say something?

And if Sir Jimmy Savile, also a Papal Knight which only highlights the vain obscenity that is inherent within the Catholic Church, is found posthumously guilty, how many more famous individuals have had their hands in some poor girls gusset, some unfortunate boys Y-fronts?
Why were so many young girls ignored? Did no one think they may just have been speaking the truth?

Quite frankly it beggars belief that such decent people could idly stand by letting such indecent acts continue. I appreciate that ‘believing’ something is not reason enough to raise accusations but you would have thought someone would have surreptitiously raised the subject with someone senior.
Or did they?

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