Wednesday, 3 October 2012

In a world of so called hard boiled fiction read by soft boiled brains, it strikes me as ironic that Raymond Chadler still sits heads and shoulders above the majority of contemporary authors.
His writing was art. His art was in the stories he invented. His worlds existed when released as books or films capturing a time that may never really have been but that exists still today each time we turn the page of one of his novels or watch one of his movies.
Imagination should know no bounds. It is a limitless human ability that sets us apart from fellow animals. It brings to life worlds that breathe and exist but only within the realm of the immateria.

There are a number of American authors from another age, including Chandler, who still fire my interest.
Raymond Chandler.
Ray Bradbury.
William Burroughs.
Kurt Vonnegut
Also Englishman JG Ballard who has his own adjective - Ballardian.


Of course there are authors today who take risks, whose imaginative minds create incredibly impossible universes with some being far too close for comfort. Will Self, David Mitchell, Sarah Waters, Cormac Mcarthy, Kiran Desai being some. Let's not constrict ourselves to the mundane, the mediocre. Life is tedious enough so lets fly within the pages of books not waddle.
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