Thursday, 6 September 2012

When Paul left comments about his having a blazing hot summer over in Canada while we in England, he asserted or perhaps inferred, were having an appalling season, I didn’t quite understand what he meant. I have a tan, quite a nice one it has to be said due to the sunny days, weeks in fact we have been enjoying in Essex. Yes, we have had days of rain, days of indifferent weather too but by and large reasonably nice for a summer.

I then heard one of those retrospective radio broadcasts where one so called expert has to eat some humble pie having made an awful gaff some weeks or months before. On this occasion the expert in question was from the water board who had suggested, back in May, that we English would remain on water rationing right through until spring 2013. He even went so far as to say that should it rain during the summer that the rain, being the wrong sort (!?) would still leave us in a drought situation.

The humble pie he had to eat was forced upon him when a listener, from the West country, had written in asking was this still the case as they, in Somerset I think, had been deluged with rain ever since spring and had not seen a ray of sunshine all summer.

I now understand Paul’s comments. I also feel some sympathy for those folks in Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and the rest of Wessex in general if they have had such an awful summer. We haven’t fortunately.

Speaking of hot days, or lack of it in Wiltshire, my family are now half way through their holiday in Turkey where it has been alarmingly hot – fifty degrees some days. Hotel staff have been warning holiday makers not to stay too long near the pool, to drink lots of water and to remain in doors during the terribly hot hours between noon and two. No doubt my family will return tanned as old leather boots!.

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Perfect Virgo said...

My regular sources, the BBC and DM web sites do tend to generalise.

Anyway, in contrast we had just five days of rain all summer and some crops have died.

After four months of great summer days we had torrential rain yesterday, four inches fell in 24 hours, precisely the norm for the whole summer. Payback.

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