Monday, 3 September 2012

What a weekend. The Paralympian’s have done us proud. They have shown the world that you should never give up, that nothing is unachievable. Their noteworthy success has inspired us all and there is still another week to go.

Having said that watching my Mum was like observing the slow count down to death, this weekend she, fuelled by fear of her imminent demise, chose to walk around Sainsbury’s. It took two hours to get around but get round she did and all with out the help of a wheelchair. At the end she was exhausted (her plodding pace had been slow but determined) but she was pleased to find that she could still do it. I guess I was wrong in my initial prognosis. The inevitable is just that but at least she now has regained a sense of independence. She has got over the feeling sorry for herself, and seeing the Paralympics with their never say die attitude, has taken a leaf out of their books.

What the hell is wrong with the Pakistani people who, having caught a child with learning difficulties setting fire to the Koran, have allowed their rage to overcome their common decency and want to stone the poor girl to death?

I cannot believe for a moment that Allah would condone such action. I rather think He, like most Muslims, would condemn it. The girl has problems. She did not ask to be born to live a life such as the one she must live but surely Allah, and his followers in Pakistan must understand that? Leave her alone and let Allah be her judge.

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