Monday, 24 September 2012

Today arrived with a Delivery of Books, Poetry Books.

It really arrived today, no longer mincing around with chilly starts followed by warm days but the whole blustery, wet and wild, full nine yards of autumn. I had an appointment at 11.30 in East London. I arrived just as the heavens opened so by the time I had finished my short walk from the DLR station to the client’s office I was literally soaked through to the skin. Fortunately, the meeting went well. There is work to be had there and the client is more than willing to give some to me.
On the way home I stood shivering at Stratford waiting for the 13.42 to arrive at platform 10. I felt miserable and wet. I could even smell the damp coming from my overcoat. Like a dog caught out in the rain. I read the remainder of ‘One day.’ A funny yet sad book.

I consoled myself with thoughts of my recent book buying activities. David Caddy’s ‘Bunny Poems’ still haven’t arrived but Waterstone’s did say they could take 7 to 1o days. I have also ordered ‘Naked Clay’ by Barry Hill and Lucy Hamilton’s ‘Stalker.’ All three are prose/poetry books. I must get a copy of Will Self’s latest novel ‘Umbrella.’ He is one of my favourite authors; unafraid and seemingly unconcerned by any fallacious notions of ‘grim realism.’  I dislike the idea of all literature having to be concerned with such mythical concepts. If a detective novel or thriller, one involving the  police force, were to have anything like reality within its fiction then it would have to feature a great deal of tedious paperwork - more excels spreadsheets, less gritty dialogue.
Of all the charity shops in my area, and there are a great many, the one nearest me, ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ (a church-run business), sells second-hand books at incredibly good prices. 30p for paperbacks, 50p for case bound. I bought Agatha Christie’s autobiography, Ben Okri’s ‘The Famished Road’ and a book by Ben Elton, ‘The First Casualty.’ - very chuffed by these purchases. I think I shall read Ben O first.


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Dr. Russell Norman Murray said...

Russell, your stalker cover, has me thinking of all the web lurking that goes on via Blogger and Facebook. I know I am over 35 and dealing with women largely 18-25 which is the typical Blogger age, but I wish some of them that lurk would just have the guts to chat. Some of them do, but some of them just lurk and I am talking in the hundreds and even thousands of pageviews and not always strictly in an intellectually only context. Sometimes on matters I post on that are somewhat personal, webcam trials for example. I do appreciate the blog support with the pageviews always though.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

I know longer get the readers on this site I did. I know what you mean though. I used too have a whole host of people visit my Fekenham site with only a few leaving comments.
The book 'Stalker' is in fact a prose poem and has little to do with stalking. I take your point though.

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