Tuesday, 4 September 2012

I remember, during one of my London Walks with Dave, insisting that my main focus was in getting the Fekenham Tales published. At the time it was true. They took pride of place over anything else. They still matter and are still selling at a drips pace. (Not the drips that live down the road but the ones that come out of the tap.)

Revisiting the Wilful Walks has reignited my interest but also given rise to something deeper. As much as the Wilful Walks were a tour of Essex with me touching on the history of my county with some wry observations thrown in, they also were a personal dissection that revealed, hopefully candidly and without sentiment, my character – or at least a side of it that rarely gets seen. This may sound egotistical but I think I have managed to keep ego out of it. I really have cut back on so much of what I had previously written but even with that savage editing (still to be seen by Paul) I am now at 108,000 words.

This highly unusual book, part travelogue which features some essays on various subjects including those ‘Appreciations of.’, part journal and part observation with me pontificating on a variety of issues, part philosophical review, has galvanised me somewhat.

With the ‘London’ book I intend to continue this theme but taking it even further. I want to include my search for EastEnd family within the narrative but also, certainly in the four chapters that feature the EastEnd, include a short story I have written.

I have now read some of Hilaire Belloc’s essays, also Michael de Montaige but most recently W.G. Sebald. I know my limits. I do not share talent with any of those esteemed authors but I truly think my ‘Walks’ are reasonably original. Not unique but different enough to warrant an audience.

The Walks will form, at this point of time and with my inability at prescience, a trilogy. The link between the three is one mans search for his roots, his ancestors and himself.

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