Tuesday, 18 September 2012

All this fuss over a pair of boobs; Royal boobs maybe but boobs just the same. I mean, I have a wife and three daughters which amount to four pairs of boobs. To be perfectly honest once you have seen one pair then, apart from size or maybe colour, a boob is a boob.
The problem with these particular boobs isn’t only the fact they belong to Kate, the future King of Great Britain’s wife but the silly reaction to them being photographed. I have to say I don’t think they should and that people, even famous ones, should be allowed some privacy, but come on…this is the modern world. Who doesn’t bathe topless nowadays? The fact she will be Queen one day shouldn’t matter.

By reacting as they have the Royal Family have only increased interest and drawn even more attention to said boobs.
You only have to go to a beach In Southern France to see a multitude of breasts on display (and one or two big tits but that’s largely the men behaving badly.) Less uproar please about Royal breasts on display. I mean, who cares?

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