Friday, 14 September 2012


The point of reading when a writer yourself, acting upon the advice given by Terry Pratchett but endorsed by virtually all serious, and by that I mean people committed to writing opposed to knitted brow pseudo-intellectuals, is to read as diverse and varied a selection you can. I have been taking in a broad range of books; everything from Romance fiction to science books; historical novels to non-fiction; from thrillers to biographies. The spectrum is vast; the styles various but the lessons learnt have been of enormous value. If you only read one genre, albeit a favourite, you will end up with a myopic vision which will transfer to your writing.
The Booker prize is now pending. Books have been recommended. The votes will shortly be taken. Authors everywhere will be waiting with baited breath. Well, those selected for inclusion will at any rate.

Good to see Will Self up there again. I enjoy his work. His droll features transfer into vibrant prose. He is often compared to Swift for reasons I am unclear on but his books are damn good. I also see that poet , Jeet Thayil, has his first novel up for consideration.
Shearsman Books ( was a recent find. A publisher who concentrates on poetry in an age when I-pods and electronic notepads are in vogue has to be good.

Another great find, and of particular interest to me, is Serpents Tail ( which, according to the man mentioned earlier, Will Self, ‘is a consistently brave, exciting and almost deliriously diverse publisher.’ Certainly seems to have wonderfully disparate selection of authors including Melissa Panarello whose first novel, ‘One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed threw literary Europe into a scandalized uproar. If only my work could cause such interest. Dream on fella, dream on.

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