Monday, 20 August 2012

The thing is this; life goes on whether we are there or not. It doesn’t matter to anyone if you live it to the full or idly watch as time ticks by. Life is passing far too quickly for my liking. My days of rebellion have faded into the cobwebs of musty memory but still I must pay for the multitude of daft things done. Love has flown leaving me trying not to feel bitter - for what sense is there in bitterness? Finger pointing is equally pointless. I would like to love again, to give myself to someone who appreciates my flawed but loving nature. To share life with another is the only way to be even for someone like me who is not the most sociable of people.

The news is full of names but such is the way of current affairs. Following the universal acclaim and subsequent success of the London Olympic Games, Boris Johnson’s star is in the ascent. Boris the bumbling buffoon is anything but – he is a political beast driven by the same desires as his fellows. His recent attack on the vapid David Cameron and the dull George Osborne was welcome but not entirely unexpected. After all, Boris has long had an eye on the Tory leadership. I like Boris and his style of conservatism even if it is mildly Churchillian.

Liam Brady, one of humanities more contemptible sons, has raised his profile again. The fact he is still breathing owes much to the quality of the British prison system as it does moral rectitude. Brady is a malicious and manipulative. I don’t believe he has the common decency of a slowworm. The latest news of him giving a solicitor inside information on where he buried the body of one of his victims is more a bargaining tool than an act of contrition. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

Julian Assange may well a leading light in freedom of speech. More power to his elbow say I. He is not, however, an advocate of jurisprudence.  The fact that Great Britain too readily accedes to the United States when extraditing individuals they, the super power, have issues with, bothers me.  I think we comply to our American cousin too easily, The fact the UK didn’t extradite the Wikki-man when they had the opportunity seems to have escaped Mister Assange’s notice. The same lack of attention seems also to have clouded his mind with regard to Sweden. Not only are they highly respected as being one of the worlds leading legal lights but the only interest they have with Assange’s is the accusation of rape. Surely, as a man who supports freedom of speech he also advocates the rule of law? Would it not be better to prove his innocence than to play out the pantomime he is currently involved in?   

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