Thursday, 19 July 2012

Shortly after writing yesterday’s post I received a telephone call from Jemma, the recruitment bod at the company who interviewed me. They have given me the job! Splendid news!!! The cut in salary is very painful and made all the more so due to having already been slashed back previously. I am now earning forty thousand less than I once did. Still, mustn’t moan. It is down to me now to prove myself in this new, exciting and challenging role. And by the gods I mean to. I start, once I have managed to fill their E-mailed form which Jimbob’s PC seems to have trouble opening, on the 30th of this month. Initially it will be formal training as the job involves selling envelopes and even though I have sold literally millions I know very little about all the various shapes, sizes but more importantly window sizes. Apparently there are something like 72 different kinds. I know it all sounds rather tedious especially after some of the posts I have had but a job is a job. With luck I will manage to increase my earnings by hard work, commitment and some fancy selling techniques. I also haven’t given up on the Kleeneze proposal. Not fulltime work of course but a supplementary income generated by delivering brochures and then taking orders. This would only take my time on a Friday evening and the following Saturday morning. I will have to speak with Tweezil to see what she thinks.

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Best of luck in the new role!

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