Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Finding myself with a little time on my hands I started to work some more on ‘Hand In Glove.’ It is not typical of the standard set by Fekenham Swarberry and by that I mean it has elements of ‘Milliganesque’ silliness but also some twists and turns that came as a surprise to me. Again it is a romantic adventure come detective novel, one that is highly unlikely as it stretches belief to breaking point. It also has elements of erotica, far more than previous books had which challenge accepted convention in ways that none of my previous books did. I suppose it is rapidly becoming ‘Midsommer Murders’ meets ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona.’ I think this spin off has greater potential than EB! I think that the characters I am developing will grow to fill at least one other book. I hope so.

On the job search front, having turned a couple of jobs down which really didn’t suit either in terms of logistics or costs, I am now pursuing a career path (career? Hark at me!) that will engage my passions and commitment. I still have nothing from Baroness Young nor from the beautiful Lady N. Fingers crossed that I soon will. I will leave it another week then if nothing is heard consider that path an cul-de-sac.

There is another job that interests me, one that engages a creative spark even though my creativity would not be employed. It is for a company who are an award-winning fibrous plaster specialist who not only undertake restorative work but who also employ artists, model makers and master craftsmen – all very Chesterbelleoc!

I shall phone them tomorrow.

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Perfect Virgo said...

Crown mouldings, coving and the like I imagine. Sounds very interesting.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

PV>>>Indeed it does and all for heritage homes.

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