Monday, 2 July 2012

2nd July 2012

I have been fortunate in the last month to have read some amazing literature. Thanks to Paul Barton I have discovered the highly talented Wally Lamb who is quite a discovery but also, due to Mark Kozack, the equally impressive David Mitchell. Tweezil gave me for Father’s Day a copy of the Anthony Horowitz Sherlock Holmes novel “House of Silk.” A book authorised by the Conan Doyle estate which maintains the same standards as those set by the creator. Then, with Holmes, whom I adore, firmly in my imagination I then got down my copy of “The Hound of the Baskerville’s.” Old fashioned maybe but still a classic. I confess that when it comes to reading I adopt the same attitude I now have to music, theatre, cinema, and TV. It is the self-same attitude as opined by both Zappa and Pratchett: absorb all you can without snobbery. Terry Pratchett has said to write one must read and read a variety of novels and books. In the last month, I have read, I think, eight of more books all of which have been different.
“Astonishing the Gods” by Ben Okri was an extreme departure but on I thoroughly enjoyed especially the Zen like vibe the book gave off. I really must investigate Ben, Wally Lamb, and David Mitchell some more as all three authors excel at their craft.
I have been updating my Shelfari site recently. Taking the books from one of my shelves in the garage, copied across the books titles along with their respective authors names before transcribing them onto Shelfari. It has been a fun thing to do. I think I have about 270 books on the site now with a further nineteen to record. Sadly half the books I own will not be on Amazon so therefore, will not appear on my Shelfari shelf. Life’s a bitch ain’t it? Not really no and frankly I couldn’t care less as it strikes me as being rather of the male ‘Look how big mine is syndrome.’ Unfortunately, ‘mine’ is pretty average as is my book collection.

My plan (notice I have left off the adjective grand) is to continue to read, to catch-up if you like, on all the books I own that remain unread. These are the books gathering dust in the utility fish shed that is also known as my garage come library come storage facility. My other, more shallow strategy, is to whinge, whine and plead with my mother until she buys me, enabling me at the same time, to whittle away at those books on my wish list.  Richard Dawkins “The Blind Watch Maker” being one. Dr. William Harwood’s “Mythologies Last God: Yahweh and Jesus” another.

And W.G. Sebald’s “Rings of Saturn.”

And Peter Ackroyd’s “Thames.”

Oh yeah, and…..

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