Thursday, 28 June 2012

Yesterday I found myself singing “Release Me,” the 1967 hit single sung by Englebert Humperdinck. For a while I thought about booking myself an appointment at my G.P’s but thought better of it. I knew whatever it was that ailed me would soon pass. To make matters worse Jimbob Badfinger didn’t share my opinion of my singing which I thought superb! Not operatic but decent pub vocals. Describing them as a caterwauling cacophony of castrated cats was unkind. I was hurt by his cutting remarks but chose to ignore them. Then I started singing The Inkspots “Whispering Grass.” Things looked grim and sounded worse.

I don’t know about you but sometimes a melody, often seemingly from nowhere, arrives unbidden in your head. You sing it once and BINGO!, you find yourself singing it over and over. It was like that with The Archies “Sugar, Sugar.” If I hear that on the radio a wave of nostalgia floods whatever it is nostalgia floods and I’ll be crooning that tune for the rest of the day.

Admitting to having sung an Englebert Humperdinck (yes I know all about the German composer) back when I was thirteen, let alone liking it, would have brought down on my head a storm of scorn from my school mates. Liking The Beatles, Hendrix and The Who was cool; liking Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and  Englebert was not.

I long ago gave up caring what was and what wasn’t cool; what is or isn’t accepted as normal by general society; what critics think on a given subject. As for homosexuality – who cares what others get up to?

Nostalgia plays a different game though. It hits you with smells like Nivea on warm skin, or the taste of Rossi’s ice cream or the sound of Pink Floyd playing “See Emily Play.” Nostalgia doesn’t care one whit what is or what isn’t cool; it simply dresses your memories in a honey glow of fond recall.

Oh dear, it’s happening again….

“The old town looks the same as I step down from the train,

And there to greet me is my Momma and Papa,

Down the road I look and there runs Mary

She is fat and rather hairy,

It’s good to touch the Green, Green Grass of home.”

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