Friday, 15 June 2012

The Thief of Rage - Distributism

The concept of the Guild faded with the onset of industrialisation followed by the arrival of the Union. Is it not time to revive the Guild ethic; to once again have societies that support and promote the artisan and the artist? We have had so many ‘ism’s’ thrown at us, so many declarations that this is what we the people want. Communism failed. It failed because of its insistence to centralise everything, to shift power away from its source, the workforce, and manage, dictate, from afar. It also failed to observe mankind’s natural tendency to strive for better. Communism failed because its foundations were flawed.
Capitalism is failing. It is failing and has been for a number of years. The process behind the way we live allows for too much ‘dog-eat-dog’ mentality. I believe in free trade as a way for an economy to function but not when the economy dictates, as did Communism, the people when it should be the other way round.

I feel, as do millions like me, as though I am nothing more than a number, a flesh cog in a gargantuan machine. I feel a slave to the wage I must earn and I am sick to the back teeth of feeling so indebted when I should feel enslaved. I am by nature a worker, I enjoy being active, in starting a job and completing it but not when, and forgive my constant use of clich├ęs, all soul and purpose and reward are removed. I need to have a sense of achievement. I need to feel that I am in charge of my destiny and not the wheel that spins me round.

I am not an economist so therefore not equipped to speak in detail about Distributism. I have reservations about the movements connection to both the Catholic and Anglican churches; for any organised religion gives me cause for concern for when things are organised you need control and if you have control then you weild power and we all know what power does; it corrupts. I also know this: I am for De-centralised government. I am for Localism, small businesses, co-operatives, guilds, the family, the environment. I am also for Moral lessons but without faith teachings in schools. If this makes me a neo-distributist then fine, so be it.

“Increasingly all sense of community is being lost, as the dog-eat-dog struggle to grab a few chestnuts out of the economic fire turns us into an anonymous collection of disconnected individuals - more a bus stop than a nation - in which no one cares for anyone but themselves.” – Richard Howard.

“Distributism is an economic theory that advocates the broadest allocation of ownership—ownership of property and capital—so that the greatest number of people are free to determine their own economic fate; Distributism says that the economy is made for man, not man for the economy; that subsidiarity is a principle that serves the family (the building block of society) and that makes for personal and social sanity; Distributism opposes the errors of capitalism and the errors of socialism both; it opposes both slavery to corporations and slavery to the state; it affirms the dignity of man and seeks to make man’s activity in the marketplace a virtuous thing.”. – Kevin O’Brien

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Hobbes said...

Hi Russell. I'm too ignorant to comment much on this, but it seems to me the smallness of the world today, where we share problems, corporations, and communications networks, is in tension with our apparent inability to extend caring, neighborly relations beyond a small, immediate circle.
But what I really wanted to tell you was, that I added to Abner, but couldn't edit it properly. I'd like the heading to look normal, and for there to be a paragraph starting at "Hiding." If you could help there, I'd appreciate it.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Hobbes>>>All done!

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