Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Up's and Down's

In the past I have often gone on about, in a very sorry for myself sort of way, the ups and downs of my working life. It gets boring in the end and serves no purpose to either my readers or myself. In reality it was just me trying to patch up my bruised ego. No more of that then, no more whinging but the thing that does intrigue me is the way some folks have mixed myth with truth to blot my character even further. Yes, I have had a number of jobs and I was led to believe that was a praiseworthy thing for when you have been made redundant or sacked you need to get up off your arse and find work. For me this has often meant any kind of work, even jobs that I have had no experience in. I got into sales having never done such a thing in my life. I met with some success and then some failure. I walked away from one job having told the new owners of the company I had worked at that their newly re-named enterprise was like a delicious looking apple that once bitten into is riddled with maggots. I left behind a successful career and went to a company I couldn’t stand. Yes, sometimes my heart did rule my head. Sometimes though it takes a man a hell of a while to grow up, with me it took until my fifties by which time my career was on the skids and no one would look at, let alone touch, me.

I am wilful, I was wayward but I have always been loyal to those I like and hardworking at anything I have undertaken. I am also resolute and indomitable as my pursuit of being published has proven. I will not give up.

I have received even more E-mails from ex-client which really does affect the emotions. Having been told by my last employer that I was not liked by the client at all this spate of well-wishing disproves that lie altogether. I think Red Astaire must have literally meant ‘a client doesn’t like you’ as in the singular and not the plural as so far the evidence proves the contrary. I think the truth has more to do with the losses I was making, the errors committed. Of course that in itself neglects to give the whole picture; I had, ever since October of last year, repeatedly requested greater support. And when it arrived it was still not properly applied and far too late in arriving.

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