Tuesday, 29 May 2012


You cannot turn the clock back. No matter how you may want or how you may try, life has no pause button and no reverse play. All the bad things you have either said or done will haunt you forever. All the good, which is where perhaps Karma comes into play, will be overlooked in the eyes of those you have injured. There will also be those who have done wrong, been forgiven then moved on. That option is unavailable to me.

It is the hypocrites though that cause offence for they never remember having committed the wrong and even if they do hide that fact somewhere secret the better to advantage them when they criticise you.The friends you have lost along the way will remain as fond recall but the memory is not a replacement for their companionship. “You should have thought of that first.” You’ll hear them cry and of course they are right but have they never done something wrong in their lives? Have they never wanted to stop the syllables spoken as they left their mouths? Or perhaps sooner deleted the words written?

Recent events in my working life have proven to me how much we still, all of us, are paper papists. By that I mean that all though we can make remarks verbally that can, due to the fact of perhaps facial expression or tone of voice, be taken much as they were meant. You cannot do that with words cast in black and white. It says in the Bible this or that so therefore it must be true. It says here in the Daily Gossip so and so said this and therefore it must be true for there never is smoke without fire is there? The written word can be forced to be set in stone even if the original intent was something other than what the reader has derived. It is still out inherent belief that the written word, the power of the sword and all that, is like the word of God. Absolute

As someone who professes to be a writer perhaps I should understand all too well the power of words. I think I do but I also appreciate context and nuances and if there is any ambiguity or lack of understanding with something written I’d like to think I would try and clarify matters first before leaping, or in the case of the events surrounding my job, crawling to the wrong conclusion.

The circumstances concerning my previous employment are still a matter of legality. I will not be pursuing the matter though. Not in the immediate future anyway. What I do in the future though is for me to know and them to worry about. I am happy with all the E-mailed thanks and farewells I received from former clients, many of whom felt more like friends. I am no longer the impetuous chap I was in my youth, just as stupid maybe but less flammable.

Time is ticking on, my time that is, and I no longer want to waste a second of it. I will need to have a regular job whilst my tiny business grows. In fact I think I would want to do both if at all possible. Others do so why can’t it?

On a Lighter Note...

I had a job interview condudcted across a telephone. It was the initial stages to see if I had what the company in question were looking for. I have never worked just for an envelope manufacturer before although I have sold envelopes during my time in Direct Mail (that's Junk mail to you peasants). Yes, yes, I sold junk mail and yes, yes ,yes, I am partly responsible for all those irritating leaflets and envelopes arriving on your door mat filled with yet another ball point pen. It paid well and I was good at it. At least I thought I was. Anyway, I digress, the interview was for, as I implied, an envelope manufacturer but one uninterested in employing me as a staff  member but who would rather a commission only consultative arrangement. Not what I would want but still worthy of consideration.
I suppose my thinking is now governed by circumstance. I simply cannot afford to dismiss anything without serious thought. The books alone are not enough to support my family. Once over 55 employers are less likely to hire someone of my age and with my limited qualifications.. If they do it is usually in a consultative capacity.
Using the company I now have, Russell Duffy trading as Utility Fish Shed, I am able to offer an umbrella service across a range of disciplines. For example, were I too sell, for commission only, envelopes, all of which can be done either via phone or E-mail, what is to prevent me from doing the same with Direct Mail or print?
It is not the ideal solution but at this time of my wayward lfe I have little choice in the matter.
PS. It is good to see the recommendations mounting up on LinkedIn especially those from The Fizzing Drug Store. Ironic? I guess you could say that.
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