Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Figure Skating with Corporations

Like an expert figure skater I swerve around the obstacles put in my path by prospective employers. How old are? Do you have any medical conditions? Why are you seeking employment with us? The secret is, as anyone in sales or politics will tell you, to answer the question with another question, in other words throw the thing back at the person asking. Of course you can’t do this every time during interview as it would make for a surreal conversation.

How old are you?

Is age a major concern for your organisation?

Not at all, you look to be of a similar age to me.

How old are you?

It’s a bit like a waltz but with a one-legged individual; you simply go round and round in circles before becoming dizzy.

Looking for a job is a worry though. I cracked before when pressure hit, and let’s forget the issues I faced as they all sound like excuses now: lame and worn through. It has been suggested, by a source once close to me, that I stop looking at jobs that once would have fitted me like the proverbial glove and look for something simpler. It has been underlined that I need to get a job that I can cope with such as working as an assistant in a supermarket or a checkout clerk. Nothing wrong with those jobs at all but it still causes me to feel a bit aggrieved to be so easily dismissed. A friend of mine once worked at his local supermarket filling shelves. I could do that and without feeling any shame but the fact that I still have such a huge range of experience strikes me as being wasteful not to use it.


I struggle on.

I would like to say more regarding the legal situation surrounding my leaving Red Astaire but have been instructed to say nothing. Suffice to say that no less than three employment solicitors believe I have a very strong case,one that I shall be pursuing.

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