Wednesday, 9 November 2011

November 9th 2011

It was twenty-one years ago today that our Squid the Kid came to stay. Whatever she lacks in style she can fix again with a smile.


Twenty One today.

No Fekenham today but a lovely meal with all the family apart from my Mum. The fact Mum wasn’t there bugs me enormously but I didn’t let it spoil Charlotte’s special day. Of all my children she is the easiest to please. We bought her a new PlayStation, a digital camera, bundles of clothes and hordes of makeup.

The meal was delicious and deliberately and stereotypically ‘English.’ A roast with all the trimmings followed by syrup sponge pudding. The later was wolfed down in a matter of minutes with many ‘seconds’ being eaten. Good to see all my family together. Jasmine even laughed with me instead of at me.

At the end of the day Squid, or Charlotte as I now must call her, had a great day with all the presents she could have wished for. But it doesn’t end there as we, along with some of her closest friends are going out for a meal this coming Friday. Graeme will be fun!

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Perfect Virgo said...

Sounds like a lovely evening Russell. I'm sure you cherish those.

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