Tuesday, 8 November 2011

November 8th 2011

Winter is finally muscling its way into the autumn season. The last few days have been wet, windy and unpleasant. I much prefer the cold to rain. Each morning the M25 has its usual chuckle at my expense but at least, I have the radio. What would my journeys be like without the BBC? Greece has done the sensible thing and got rid of their PM. Now Europe will focus on Italy as the continent goes from one crumbling economy to another. It would be better for them if they went for a democracy. Thank goodness Britain is only on the periphery and not one of the elite seventeen. Japan has done well as an island state and so have we. I am fine with Europe I just dislike the centralised government. I dislike all centralised governments as they all, by virtue of what they are, encourage elites. I much prefer grass roots democracy.

Currently listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of Serge and Jane. IRM is a much-overlooked album wonderfully produced by Beck. Steven Israelis is a master cellist and for a bloke, a couple of years younger than me fills me with envy for his talent. Eliza Carthy, daughter of Martin and Norma. Her album ‘Neptune’ plays whenever I get the chance to put it on as does ‘Little Dragon.’ Great band. Also played some Frank Sinatra, some Captain Beefheart (genius) and some Brian Eno. Ray Bradbury is a great writer, one I should have read years ago. I am so enjoying ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes.’ It is less a horror story and more downright creepy. I haven’t had the time of late, with all the work I am doing with Fekenham, to read the final parts of the book but tonight I read several chapters.

Fekenham is coming along nicely. Books one and Two now needs a cover. Credits, title and copyright pages are now written and, of course, Dave’s illustrations. I am getting there though and filled with joy at the thought. Dave Sim eat yer heart out.

Tomorrow is Squid’s 21st. I am nearly excited as she is and judging, by the way, she wrinkled her nose up as she grinned when I mentioned it she is enormously excited too.

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