Friday, 11 November 2011

November 11th 2011

Work was dull, as dull as Kellie who is very dull. Dull-witted and desperate for her authority to be recognised. sadly, and maybe I have the wrong attitude, she really shouldn't expose herself to me in such a way. Revealing one weakness is never good when you are in denial. And I really couldn't give a damn how angry she gets. The more she rages the more fun the wind-up!
Paul is soldering on editing like mad. Dave is working on the character sketches and I am beavering away on the Enema Bandit book. I haven't much time this week though what with Squid's 21st.
We went out tonight with her and some of her friends. Brett couldn't come which was a shame as I really like the lad. Squid enjoyed the meal and Graeme is as bonkers as a bunch of bishops in a bordello. He insisted on sitting next to Thumbscrew and holding her hand. She, soft as butter, went along with it. I think we all forget sometimes that being Downes Syndrome doesn't mean he is a child but childlike. His body still functions just like any other man's.
Lovely evening.
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