Tuesday, 11 October 2011

R.I.P Bert Jansch

Following the ‘King of Folk?’ article with the recent death of Bert Jansch seems oddly fitting. If Ralph Vaughan Williams was among those who rediscovered English folksong then surely Bert Jansch was among the vanguard of early sixties musicians who redefined it?

Bert died a little over a week ago. Such news is always sad but especially so in light of his losing the battle with cancer that he had fought so long. It won’t be the cough that carried him nor the coffin that he will be remembered by but his unique style of guitar playing that has proven to be such a huge influence on so many other guitarists and songwriters.

Jimmy Page raved about him saying "At one point, I was absolutely obsessed with Bert Jansch. When I first heard that LP, I couldn't believe it. It was so far ahead of what everyone else was doing. No one in America could touch that."

Neil Young was another fan as was Johnny Marr. Both Paul Simon and Donovan owe him a debt of thanks. In fact I think all of modern music in the last fifty years owes him a great deal.

Bert Jansch - 3 November 1943 – 5 October 2011

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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