Monday, 9 May 2011

May 9th 2011

Monday. Back to the grind stone. Am I alone in finding all I do dull and worthless? The job is tedious. I know I should be grateful and I am but the mundane routine of it all, and even more the pressure, get to me. New boy Brian was back from his break all fresh and full of enthusiasm. I so wish I could share in the effervescent passion he has. This to him is something new and exciting.

Mondays are never good for me, not now leastways and not after a weekend spent doing what I consider to be important and productive. The clients are qualified people with a truck load of degrees. They are all intelligent but sometimes the obvious gets missed. It is almost as though they are great ‘book learners’ but when it comes to applying practical solutions to anything outside of the knowledge or experience they are reduced to children. How many times do I have to explain about our SLA’s, about the importance, now imperative, of raising a PO prior to going to print? They look at me either as though I am mad or speaking another tongue or they think I am being obstructive. Brian is good though, good natured and very eager to help. This will prove to be useful. He treats me like I am his boss. Funny that as it has been so long since that were the case. Not sure I want to be anyone’s boss any more.

When I got home Jasmine told me that I had to go sick for the rest of the week. Her new job presumably hasn’t yet paid her and won't until the end of the month. This means we have no money to pay for petrol. I have never gone sick before or rather I have never claimed to be unwell when I am in fact perfectly alright. I hate doing it. I hate the way it feels as though I am tempting fate. I hope that I can carry it off. We cannot afford for me to lose yet another job.

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Faycin A Croud said...

When I actually have my nursing license in hand (am done with the course and clinical work, now am waiting to take the test) I'm hoping to find one of those weekend gigs where I work two sixteen hour days back to back and am off the rest of the week. Because like you, I find other things in my life more interesting and productive than my job.
So why would I go into nursing if I don't have a passion for it?
Job security, and my mother pushed me into it. She was a nurse so I damn well have to suffer and be a nurse too! But she was correct about the job security part, so I gave in.

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