Sunday, 24 April 2011

April 24th 2011 Easter Sunday

Good and industrious day. I set out to write 1,000 words and exceeded that by nearly double. Started and finished chapter 27. The Leaving of Harmonious Boyle(1,597 words), finished chapter 28. – (one of me) Fekenham Gazette things (596 words) then started chapter 29. A Village in Repose (552 words). Slightly concerned re the pacing of the story. It all feels a little ‘bitty.’ Might need some re-jigging.

Having achieved all I wanted for the Fekenham side of things I then turned my attention to The London Chronicles where I started writing as though Dave has now left. Feels odd without him in the narrative. Feels odd not having him as a part of the project!!!!

I fully intend to visit Holborn and began chapbook eleven as from there. I know Holborn well as I used to walk through it when I worked in Fleet Street. I need to go there though as you get a strange sort of feed-back from being and seeing first hand the sights, sounds and atmosphere of a place. Working from memory is not enough. I wrote some 590 words as by way of introduction now I need to get there then do some research.

Jasmine and Emily went out to Brighton. I wish it had been me.

It was yet another glorious day. Not as warm as yesterday's but then again having temperatures of 29/30 in April is pretty much unheard of for the UK. We will pay for it in summer I bet. Rain will pour, winds will howl and the world will get the impression our green and pleasant land ain’t so pleasant after all. It is now, though. It is bloody smashing!!!

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