Sunday, 6 March 2011

Heated Rodents with Yellow Teeth - The Art of Cal Schenkel

Hi Boys 'n Girls, I'm Cal Schenkel. I'm the artist of the group...
Cal Schenkel is an American and as such was born.
Probably in 1947 or thereabouts.
He did stuff for Frank Zappa, most of which was legal.
He lives in Pennsylvania which seems okay.
"I love naive and folk art, art that has an unfinished look. I don’t like the polished for the most part. Now what that means or where it comes from I’m not sure. But I was probably influenced graphically by artists I saw in school. And of course, there’s the comic book look — like Krazy Kat. A part of it was just lack of skill. Trying to take advantage of my own naivety. I’d really only had a semester of art school, so I hadn’t evolved my style when I was doing all of this. It just comes natural, too."

As the underground slipped over ground.
Taking the mainstream into the coils of cover art.

So Mister Cal found his self in greater demand.


God's know it oils them wheels

It was Frank (the) Zappa who first used Cal's art.

 "When I first met him in New York, the art studio was in his apartment — but that was only for a brief period. I didn't actually live there but I would commute to work at his place. When we moved to LA . . . he had rented the log cabin, I had a wing of it. It was my living quarters and art studio, which I rented separately from them."

The things I liked about the covers, and to this day, the art that sprang from that period, is the comic book quality that seems to have hAD such an influence of CAL. It wasn't all the same, though. Captain Beefheart's monumental work of musical art, 'Trout Mask Replica.' was also the work oF cAL.

Everything Cal Schenkel has a humorous quality to it. His art isn't Dada but it shares a common theme. It is often absurd. Absurdly funny. And very crude, rough around the edges.

Nothing divines water like a forked stick.

Unless it be a defining vacuum nosed implement.
Cal understands this and not only paints it but promotes it.

Whether regular galleries recognize such art is really immaterial. Some do though and once, back then and with Don Van Vliet, sometime in the seventies, the two men exhibited their art together to ruptures apples.

I like him...

Cal Schenkel - the vintage of alternative, the epitome of counter-culture art.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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