Thursday, 18 November 2010

Wooden Box and a Fistful of Fivers

Suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, there has been a flourish of new and rather good music arriving from both here in the UK and over there across the pond. Recently I posted about School of Book Ends, an excellent American band formed out of the ashes of Secret Machine. Now, and hailing from Scotland, come the equally excellent, Wooden Box and a Fistful of Fivers. The name of both bands are enough to make these aging ears prick up but it is the music itself that really appeals to me. Thankfully neither seem to focus overly on sounding either like another version of The Libertines or, and far worse as far as I am concerned, some seventies sound-alike, axe wielding hard rock band of .doubtful authenticity. The chaps make music that is of the now but which has roots whilst being pop fuelled but progressive. Well, they make me tap my boot heel along to their wonderful sound.
Here then is Wooden Box and a Fistful of Fivers….

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Foody said...

Quite lively. I thought th trumpt ??riff/refrain sounded a bit southern European.

C.J. Duffy said...

Absolutely! I agree. Fun though don't you think?

Perfect Virgo said...

Interesting, I don't think I would have stumbled across this if you hadn't posted the link.

C.J. Duffy said...

PV>>>Take a look further down my blog until you come across School of Book Ends, I think you will like that even more!