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Erotica 7 - Adelphi


She couldn't move. Her shackles kept her totally immobile. She lay across the bench naked with her buttocks bared and her sex opened. She wanted to be mistreated. She wanted to be abused. The stool was more a table than a foot rest and it was screwed down to the floor. It supported her middle but allowed her breasts to fall free and left her sex vulnerable. Her legs were clasped at the knee joint as were her ankles and her arms were pinioned outward like wings. Around her neck was suspended a chain with a leather strap that encircled her throat. She felt him attach pads to the inner softness of her thighs. She heard a switch flick and felt a sudden shock ripple into her muscle. She gritted her teeth as the pain/pleasure moved from her legs up into her crutch.

 Maya had been a pleasant pastime. She had offered her some hours of amusement but at the thought of causing pain to another Maya had flinched and had declined to take things any further. They parted as friends but both knew in reality that they would never meet again.

She met Roman in an art gallery and after wining and dining each other had retreated to his room and to his bed. Sex, at first, had been routine, good, for Roman was a sensitive lover but nonetheless routine. It wasn't until Adelphi revealed her darker desires that their relationship truly blossomed. He had taken her to his retreat which was appointed with all manner of bizarre devices designed to cause extremes of pleasure and degradation.

For Adelphi pain and pleasure were twins and finding a soul mate like Roman was a boon. He never caused her any serious pain or harm but knew intuitively where the thresholds lay and had the unique ability to bring her enjoyment close to pain’s borders but never across that delicious boundary. He had introduced her to his crucifix wheel and had led her naked and blindfolded and had tethered her ankles, wrists and waist to the machine. She had trembled at the thought of the unknown but had allowed him to do what he would. In truth that was part of the need within her, not to be hurt but to be 'used,’ to be 'handled,' to be manacled and mistreated; to be entirely in the hands of someone apart from herself.

She stood tied to the wheel, her heart pounding and her pulse racing. Then he had spun her so that she hung upside down in a mirror image crucifix with her legs spread wide open. He had licked her and then when she started to moan, he inserted sex toys into her. He had filled every orifice and they had felt huge. They had vibrated with a subtle violence that took her to the edge of orgasm and then, just as she was about to come, he stopped and removed them. He stopped momentarily and then he poured a liquid into her, a liquid that frothed and bubbled and excited her so that she shuddered and shook as she climaxed. She asked him later what it was that he had poured into her and he had smiled and said, "Why, champagne of course!"

The electric sensations coursed from her thighs and rose up into her buttocks and belly. Her muscles moved as though in spasm and totally involuntarily. Exquisite sensations so close to but not quite, pain. She felt his hands around her waist and another set of pads were attached to her stomach. Again a switch clicked and again there was the surge of electricity that pulsed through her gut making the muscles ripple and flex. The ability to move was denied to her but nonetheless, her body moved visibly. Her arse quaked and her thighs shook and she threw her head back and forth and from side to side. Her eyes were screwed tight and her teeth ground against each other.

He had shown her the sights of Paris, taken her to the art galleries and up the inevitable Eifel Tower. They had eaten at Chez Germain and afterwards gone dancing. Not clubbing but grand and old-fashioned ballroom dancing. They had swirled around the dance floor like Rodgers and Astaire and they had both laughed at the thought of themselves twirling in such an old fashioned way. They had left in the early hours of the morning and rather than get a cab had walked back to his rooms down the side streets of Paris. As they had passed an alleyway he had grabbed her wrist and had pulled her down into the alley where he leaned her over a dustbin and took her from behind tearing her panties from her as though they were made of paper, kicking her legs apart with his feet; griping her waist and pushing himself firmly into her; copulating like street cats beneath the silver haze of the French moon.

She felt herself wanting to gyrate and thrash as each muscle spasm gripped her in electric fingers. She heard herself making guttural noises. A constant drone of "n..n..n..n..n..n..n". She felt his merciless fingers attach clips to her nipples and felt the bite of metal teeth sink into her teets. Again the click of a switch is thrown and again the sharp tingle of electricity as yet another current flushed through her. Her nipples grew firm and large and she felt the pleasant burn course downward to greet the corresponding buzz that flooded from her thighs and belly. He tugged on the leather lead that hung around her neck pulling the chain tight and momentarily choking her. The absence of air caused her to panic but also heightened her sensations even further and she felt her climax grow. He released her and she gulped down air.

They had both loved Paris, enjoying all the sights and sounds. They spent their days either walking around the city visiting the various sights or eating and drinking at pavement cafes. At nights he would take her to the theatre or, if his mood was dark, to Parisian bordellos, ones that catered to clients with particular likings: leather and rubber fetishizes, whips and spiked heels. She loved those places, loved the smell and the sounds and the look of them. He took her to a tall black man who towered above her; dark as night and solid as oak. He bent her over a couch and pushed himself into her anus whilst her lover stood in front of her with his penis in her mouth. She felt degraded. She felt abused. She felt wonderful. 

She felt his hands fall upon her buttocks. She felt him grease her anus and then her vagina. With one hand he pulled her cheeks apart so that her anus opened and into it she felt him slide an object. It filled her rectum and she felt him tie a strap around her backside that locked beneath her so that the object remained inside her. She then felt and heard him click the thing on so that it started to vibrate joyously within her. Then, using the self-same hand he pulled apart her vaginal lips exposing and opening her vagina. Again he inserted an object, another vibrator but, this time, it felt huge and she felt herself being stretched and again it started to vibrate. He whole being was now awash with pained pleasure as electricity tingled and buzzed along her thighs and buttocks and belly and breasts and now her anus and vagina felt as if they might explode. Multiple orgasms crashed and exploded from her. She bit her lip. A thin trail of blood flowed down her chin. 

She awoke with a start. Perspiration covered her naked form. She felt his hands on her shoulder, gently shaking her awake.  

"Adelphi, wake up. You have been dreaming. Wake up." 

She stirred slowly as if moving out of the fog into sunlight or as if attempting to climb out of cloying molasses. 

"You were dreaming and making such a sound I thought it best to wake you. I know that you are not meant to wake someone when they are deep in a dream but this didn't sound a pleasant dream." 

She looked at him, so intent on her. His beautiful body lying like a sculptured god beside her. His penis, flaccid, hung across his thigh. The dream came back to her and she shivered. 

"You are cold," he said, "roll onto your side and I will cuddle your back." 

She smiled at him and opened her legs, the invite complicit in her smile. 

"Warm me another way."


His hands played her like some divine musical instrument used by Orpheus.
Each finger touch bruised her flesh and plucked her heart and soul like harp strings.
He caused cadences of pleasure to ripple and fly through her like semi-quavers that rose in hushed tones from her hip to her head and from his tongue to her toes.

She opened herself to him in concert with his fluid, flowing fingers and roguish mouth that attached itself to her and peeled her sex apart as if it were fruit. She felt his manhood, stiff and strong and as hard as ebony, slide into her and her womb wept its delight as his maleness moved within her and begun to plunder her tender and hot desire. Rising and falling with powerful motions in time and tempo to both of their needs.
A silent symphony that sent tremors coruscating down her spine and into her buttocks, lighting a multitude of fires that crackled and sparked within her until finally, amid the gasps and groans of her orgasm, she came like a damn bursting its banks and with a rushing and flooding of exquisite sensations sent waves crashing down and thundering into and from her like a single moment captured in memory forever.

That memory had been some months ago and since then she and her lover and moved on and away from each other with a promise to meet up again whenever the mood took them and discuss things the way old friends or old lovers do.

She sat now at a roadside café and settled back to watch the gorgeous and lightly tanned Asian girl, petite and pretty, who danced from table to table as individual customers called upon her to make their wishes known.

She was indeed very pretty with her dark, coffee coloured skin and her almond shaped eyes that glistened deep brown like (almost black) secrets. Her hair was shoulder length and velvety dark and she wore a white blouse and black skirt that clung to her like desire. Through the blouse the shape and size of her breasts were vaguely discernible.







She stood about five nothing, maybe five one and Adelphi wanted to possess and devour her. She watched her unashamedly, a praying mantis watching its next victim, with patience and burning desire.

Adelphi took a pen and small notepad out from her handbag and wrote down her name and address. She then folded the note into smaller quarters and called the girl over.  

“I would like to pay my bill please.”

She placed a crisp note onto the silver salver and told the girl to keep the generous tip. 

“What is your name?”


"Here, Maya. Take this note. Read it and, if you wish, follow its directions."

Adelphi rose like a perfumed flower and moved away with elegant ease. She was of average height, slight of build with long brunette hair that danced upon her shoulders like an autumn sun on a pale sky. Hours later there came a knock at Adelphi's apartment door. A light rap that was as inquisitive as it was timid. Adelphi went to answer the door. She was dressed in a silk burgundy kimono that billowed as she moved. She opened the door and in front of her stood Maya.

"Maya! I am so glad that you came over. Please come in and make yourself comfortable."

"I have come straight from work. I haven't even had time to go home and shower or change, I hope that you don't mind?"

"Not at all. You look gorgeous as you are. Come and sit by me on the sofa."

They sat together and spoke in pleasantries. Like a war-time courting couple that is eager to get to know each other but have limited time together. Adelphi poured wine and Maya smiled asking if the wine was a ploy to get her drunk.

"Do I need to get you drunk?"

"If you are trying to seduce me, no but if you want me insensible, yes."

They both laughed at this and took their conversation into other areas. Each exploring the others thoughts whilst their eyes searched each others bodies.

"I am not wearing any underwear. I never do," said Maya.

"I am very glad to hear it but first there is something that I must say to you. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with what I do or if in any way you feel that you would rather not be here then please leave. I do not want to trap you into doing something that you feel unhappy about."

For reply Maya leant forward and kissed Adelphi firmly on the mouth. Her tongue slipped inside Adelphi's mouth and moved against hers.

His tongue pushed against hers, warm and wet and exploratory, massaging her tongue with his with a firm passion that made her think of his penis pushing inside of her. She felt herself tingle with anticipation then he pulled away from her. A tiny trail of saliva fell onto her lip.

"Well you are full of surprises aren't you? And there was me thinking that you would be a shrinking violet."

Adelphi placed her hands on Maya's knees and gently pulled her legs apart. As she did this Maya's skirt rose up revealing her neatly trimmed pubic hair and her Venus mound that lay warm and still hiding its inner secrets. They kissed again. This time with passion and fire and Adelphi felt Maya's hand fall onto her breast. At first, Maya's hand fondled Adelphi through the fabric of the robe and then she slid her fingers beneath the silk garment and cupped her breast and pulled upon Adelphi's nipple. Adelphi felt her nipples grow hard and her sex moist. She pushed Maya back so that she lay on her back with her legs raised and her skirt up around her hips. The skirt formed a girdle that encircled her middle like a dark belt. Her sex lay exposed; the vulva dark with a triangle of pubic hair that hid the inner soft secrets.

I want my tongue in you. I want to finger you. I want my mouth to press against your clitoris

Adelphi began to plant kisses upon Maya's knees. Progressively she kissed and licked and nibbled her way over the soft flesh of Maya's inner thighs heading all the while to Maya's perfumed velvet sanctuary.

Adelphi, using her thumbs, prised open the darker skin of Maya's labia revealing the pink inner folds of Maya's vagina. She gazed at the moist sex for long moments taking in its colour and shape and fragrance allowing the breath from her lips to fall lightly against the trembling opening and then she inserted one, and then a second finger into Maya.

She felt his penis push its way into her, large and firm and swollen. Dragging her sexual lips with its movement and crushing and agitating her pulsing clitoris. With each successive thrust, she felt her labia and clitoris pulled and pushed out of her and then back into her again and again. He filled her with a pleasure that was a distant relation, but still a relation, to pain.

Adelphi kept her fingers probing into Maya with deep and varied angled thrusts and then she bent her head close to Maya's weeping sex and attached her lips to Maya's clitoris. She sucked upon it and felt it grow ever so slightly within her mouth. She licked it slowly, tracing its shape with her tongue and her lips. She took her fingers out of Maya and with her finger and thumb she took hold of one of Maya's sexual lips and rubbed the flesh between her digits.

The taste of Maya's pussy was delicious and Adelphi savoured it with each lick and suck and the smell made her feel intoxicated by its scent; musky dark and utterly feminine. Adelphi ran her hands up and across Maya's belly, unbuttoning the white blouse as she went until Maya's breasts fell naked and free. Her skin colour was milky brown and her nipples, that stood taut and erect, were almost purple.

He turned her over so that her buttocks were exposed and both her anus and her vagina were open to him. He re-entered her causing her to gasp as he pushed hard and firm into her. He held her arse cheeks in his hands opening them apart so that he could see himself inside her and at the same time he could observe her anus twitch as each time he pulled his erection out so that the tip was revealed only for him to thrust it back deep within her. The sound of his balls made a repeated slap as they hammered against her clitoris.

Adelphi ran her tongue from Maya's belly button up to her breast and she closed her teeth in a tender bite down onto the nipple. Maya lifted her hips and ground her pelvis against Adelphi's fingers. They kissed again, hungry mouths and clashing teeth. Adelphi lifted her fingers to Maya's mouth and Maya licked them.

Adelphi removed Maya's blouse and then rolled her onto her stomach. She placed two cushions under her pelvis so that her buttocks and arse were raised up. She placed one knee between Maya's legs and then another and by spreading her own legs she opened Maya's sex. She plunged her fingers in Maya. One finger and then two and then three and then, by balling her hand into a tiny fist she thrust the whole of her hand into Maya's wet cunt. Maya dropped her head and moaned, a long, deep sound like that of an animal. She pulled her legs as far apart as she could make them go and up as high as they would reach, granting Adelphi greater access to her.

He pushed on, deeper and harder. Feeling himself reaching orgasm he withdrew and reached down to her face where he cracked a phial of amyl nitrate under her nose. She felt the drug claim her just as he penetrated her arse ejaculating his burden into her. She came with an explosive violence and then felt herself fade into oblivion.

As Adelphi brought Maya to her climax she fingered herself. Steady flicks of her finger that fell against her clitoris and as Maya fell face down from the completion of her orgasm, Adelphi climbed onto Maya's thigh and by gripping Maya's shoulders she rubbed her wet pussy against Maya's thigh until she too came.

He had been perfect, almost like a dream lover, but like all dreams, they have to end.

Maya still lay face down and panting hard when Adelphi fell down beside her. Maya turned her head to face Adelphi and they kissed. A long, sweet, drawn out kiss where tongues melded  and  lips  nibbled  lips.

They lay locked in an after embrace for many long minutes and then when fully recovered they ran a bath into which they both climbed and washed and bathed each other.

One dream had finished and another just begun.


She loved them, loved their camp mannerisms. Loved the way they touched each other with a playful lust that thrilled her so. They had met whilst she had been working for an artist who wanted to draw and paint nude females in pseudo-dominatrix roles. She naked and they chained at her feet as though they were her male pets, images of them beneath the sole of her feet while she towered over their muscled frames like a dominant Aphrodite.

Their playful moves had enchanted her. They way Toni (male but still with an 'i) had brushed his hand softly against the flaccid penis of his partner Damon. Their play excited her in ways she found inexplicable but then again why try to explain the sensations that ebbed and flowed through her with unaccustomed ease? She never had so why start now?
Michael was the artist who, with a seeming ease of talent, reproduced their naked forms in subtle shades and delicate hues onto the canvas. It was Michael who, with his gifted eye, captured their individual shapes and contours, Michael who put breath and soul and depth into the highly stylised visions of human perfection. The way that they stroked each others bodies, their hands caressing the others’ buttocks. A finger trailing down a curved spine or a teasing hand gripping briefly a flaccid penis that once touched grew erect.

On this day, Michael had wanted them, the boys, to hold her thighs between their hands and make it seem as thought they were about to raise her heavenward. She stood with legs slightly apart and arms stretched out like Venus. Their hands lay upon her like the talons of supplicant lizards with their fingers stretching upward to her fragrant sex. They posed like this for long moments whilst Michael painted and then, having posed for so long that their limbs trembled, Michael offered to make them all some refreshments.

He prepared for them four tall glasses of lime cordial into three of which he laced with Ketamine. He took his narcotic cocktail into them on a glass tray and placed it at their feet. He took his glass first and downed the liquid in one swift motion. They did the same then rested momentarily before resuming their pose.

Hands on her thighs like talons. Like ivy climbing, clinging to the milk sweet, honey coloured, velvety soft flesh of her tender inner thighs while talons of ivy swan to creepers of verdant green that slinked like tendrils of fresh twine; firm and strong and probing. In front of her stood a centaur, tall and proud and muscled, his erection greeted her lips, his pubic hair brushed against her chin. From behind her a unicorn mounted her, his swollen member slid between her tights and pushed hard and deep into her. She gasped as she felt him stretch her vagina and fill her with his throbbing
Throbbing and pulsating.
In and out like
like driftwood, like breath, like water on the course of the tide.
In and out and in and out but slowly, Oh so slowly, like the pleasure of saints, like the torture of time as the tide turns from gentle lapping to stronger currents that in turn grow ever more powerful and urgent.
In and out
and faster and faster
and harder.
Her cunt on fire. Her clitoris burning to burst.
In front of her the centaur’s penis trembled against her mouth. She gripped it by the root and licked its length and then she rubbed it against her cheek. She held it firm and with it drew circular lines about her face. Over the bridge of her nose, across her chin. Up and over her lips and then she took its quaking length into her mouth.
Her cunt on fire. Her clitoris burning to burst.
In and faster

Deeper into her.

Deeper and harder.
A taste of salt and of tangy fruit like orange peel.

Citrus sweet. His penis now engorged filled her mouth.
His penis now engorged filled her cunt.
Filled her
to bursting
to sunburst and heaven spinning the fire of the sun scorching her womb and setting fire to her belly and the taste of it flooded her mouth with the seed of Poseidon.

They came as one. Damon was locked to her back, his arms around her waist. Toni fell to his knees and still she sucked on him. Sucked until he wilted and still she kept him in her mouth and sucked on him as though he were an infant’s dummy.

They collapsed and fell apart. Then Michael moved in on her. She was laying on her front with her head resting on the crook of her arm. He rolled her over and she moaned. He took his paint brush and painted her nipples purple and although she lay with her eyes closed she giggled. He painted her breasts red and then, using another brush painted a thin blue line down her belly. She groaned as if from deep down under sea water.

Rising from the depths.

Rising from restful sleep up to a drug fuelled wakefulness. He prised her legs apart and ran the tiny brush hairs across her labia, across her clitoris that now stood dark pink and flushed. Putting down his brush he inserted a finger into her and began to slowly move it in and out and about her. Her cat-like mewling caused his penis to twitch and then rise. With one finger in her, he continued his motion and then he placed his thumb against her clitoris. She raised her arms to cover her face as though she were shielding herself from the sun or from a very bright light. He placed another finger into her and still maintained his circular motion along with his questing, thrusting fingers. She moved her thighs wider. Spreading herself so as to better enjoy the exquisite sensations that boiled and grew from her sex.
He inserted a third and then a fourth finger and her oyster stretched to accommodate him. It was harder to thrust now without causing pain and so his hand could only make shallow movements. She bit onto her forearm and squealed her delight.

He now had his fist curled within her and was only able to move it by rotating his wrist from side to side in a fractured and broken imitation of a clock.

He watched her face as it screwed itself up. Her eyes like an oriental princess's. He masturbated himself to ejaculation whilst she bucked and heaved her final orgasm and then she sighed deeply and smiled. It was the smile of deep contentment and he kissed his hand that smelt of her and put it against her lips.

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