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Erotica 5 - Cold Fire

1. The Restaurant

“It wasn’t here we first ate was it?”

“No, it was the Ivy. You had taken me to the theatre, to the Old Vic as I remember to see Simon Callow in some play or other.”

“It can'not have been much of a play if you cannot remember its name.”

“I can’t but can you?”

“Sadly, no.”

“I remember sitting near the back. You had thrown your coat over your lap. I slid my hand beneath it, unzipped your fly then masturbated you.”

“No wonder I cannot remember the bloody plays name then is it? My concentration would have been elsewhere”

“I recall you making this muted groaning sound and me having to tell you to keep quiet.”

“Remember the usherette?”

“She asked us if everything was alright and you said ‘marvellous.’ I could have hit you then had I not been giggling so much.”

“She wouldn’t go away. She just stood glaring at us and you were holding me so tight I could feel myself throbbing, pulsing. When she finally left us you only had to stroke me once or twice and I exploded.”

“You later complained because your sperm had stained your beloved Crombie.”

“Well of course I complained, can you blame me, the coat cost a kings ransom and I didn’t earn much in those days. I had only bought it to impress you as your father seemed so loaded and always looked so smart. When I took it to the cleaners the woman there gave me a funny look. I swear she knew what the stain was.”

“Perhaps she too regularly frequented theatres tossing young men off.”

“It wasn’t the only audacious thing we did was it?”

“No, it wasn’t.”

“Do you remember?”

“How could I forget? We had gone to my down to my Uncle’s holiday home in Camber Sands. It was a lovely place that was near the beach. The only thing that kept if slightly secluded was the picket fence that had a hedge of Box that ran parallel but slightly higher than it.”

“Good job too as it happened.”

“Indeed. We both were feeling rather desperate, or at least I was.”

“You weren’t wearing any underwear as I recall.”

“That’s right. Even though I had no firm plans I knew wearing anything under my skirt would be pointless as I wanted you so.”

“I remember the skirt to this day. It was one of those that ladies wore with a large belt fastened around the waist which then flared out, the skirt that is. Yours was black and the skirt a red spotted one.”

“Well remembered. I was sitting down in a garden seat hoping you would take me then and there but you had other plans.”

“I was totally fixated on your naughty bits, the smell, taste and texture of them.”

“I remember you hauling my linen skirt up over my thighs, gently parting my legs before thrusting your head between my thighs. It was an intoxicating moment. Then I slid back so that you could easily get to me. Your tongue was soft and exploratory; it lapped at me in such an exquisite way, probing, thrusting, feeling its way into me.

I felt my self instantly brought to the point of climax. Then, at that most crucial point, my Uncle’s neighbour, who had been out walking her dog, appeared from over the hedge. I quickly pulled my skirt down over my thighs covering up not only my self but virtually all of you. Of course the neighbour, from that angle, could only see my face and the top half of my torso. She saw my face and asked if everything was alright to which I replied it was. My voice must have sounded odd though for she came closer saying I looked flushed. I tried to make you stop by shifting myself but your mouth was as firmly attached to me like a limpet. I could feel you sucking at my clitoris and heard my voice answer the woman as though I had breathed in helium. She looked at me in an odd way but smiled, waved then moved on. It was then that I climaxed my orgasm running like fire through me. I tried to clamp my hands over my mouth but a scream inadvertently broke free. The ruddy woman came back but this time leant against the fence. She still couldn’t see you but the way my dress was moving, as though it had a life of its own must have given her a clue.”

“Wonderful days, how’s your starter?”

“Delicious and yours”

“It doesn’t taste as good as you.”

“Forget about me for now and concentrate on your meal. How’s work?”

“Busy, always busy, Forbes continues to harass me, he remains constantly on my back chasing for this and that. I had a good mind earlier this week to tell him to shove his bloody job.”

“You didn’t though, did you?”

“Of course not, I only have three years to go until I am sixty. I can retire then with a generous pension. Then I will tell the old fool precisely what I think of him.”

“And Gemma, what of Gemma?”

“Do we have to speak of Gemma; it was a mistake, one I deeply regret. I didn’t try and hide what happened from you. I said I was sorry didn’t I? Please don’t spoil this evening. I have been longing to see you as it has been so long.”

“How was Munich?”

“Cold, they are an amazing bunch though the Germans. It snowed on the evening I arrived. Thick snow that laid at least two foot deep but by the following morning the pavements and road were all clear. The only way you could tell it had snowed was by the rooftops. They really are the most efficient of people.”

“When do you have to return?”

“Next week, once the budgets are fixed.”

“I will miss you.”

2. The Hotel

“That was fantastic. I feel exhausted but pleasantly so; do you know what I mean? Sort of warm and almost complete as though I was at one with everything”

“You are meant to say I was nineteen that I went like a rocket, that I am a stallion?”

“A little Shetland maybe.”

“Thanks, I love you too.”

“Stop fishing for compliments, you were good, you always are. Why is it that men have such a lack of confidence when it comes to love making, always so insecure?”

“And what do you know of other men, I thought I was the only one?”

“You are and always have been. Would you do something extra for me?”


“Finger me.”

“Sure, like this?”

“Mmmm, yes but use your two middle fingers, yes, that’s it now move them up and down inside me.”

 “Like this?”

 “Mmmm, yes, that’s it. Oh that is so nice.”

 “And what if I put my other hand here.”

 “Yes, go on.”

 “And if I lick my finger then put it in here?”

 “Yes, yes, that’s it. I fill so full. Try a third finger if you can but in my fanny.”

 “Maybe a fourth, maybe my fist?”

 “Yes, oh yes. Be gentle though.”

 “Like this?”

 “Yes, yes, so nice, so good. Go slowly though and gently. Yes, that’s it.”

  “She is perfect; your cunt is such a joy to see, to smell, to touch and to taste. She is like an orchid, beautiful to behold. I have most of my fist inside you now. Is it okay for you?”

 “Yes, yes, yes.”

 “Hold your legs apart for me, use your hands.”

 “Oh, oh, oh oh, ooohhhh. Stop, stop, please stop! “


 “Wonderful. Thank you.”

 “I love you.”

 “I love you too.”

 “You have never made such a request before. Did I not satisfy you the first time?”

 “You are being typically male again.”


 “Tonight I wanted more. Perhaps because I don’t get to see you very much I wanted more of you.”

“I wish things were different.”

“I know, so do I.”

“Divorce is out of the question.”

“The children are all grown and flown the nest.”

“I know but even so I just couldn’t do it.”

“How long have we got?”

“All tonight then breakfast together then I must go.”

“I will miss you.”

3. The Station

“What platform is your train on?”


“How long before it arrives?”

“Any time now.”


“Please stop it; you know how it makes me feel.”

“I know how you say it makes you feel.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Precisely what I said, you say you feel bad just as I do but I don’t, cannot know how you feel.”

“You think I am making it up?”

“That isn’t what I said. Is that your train?”

“Yes, it doesn’t depart for a while though.”

“How long?”

“Let’s see, it is ten past now and the train is due to leave at twenty three minutes past so we have another thirteen minutes.”

“Come on!”

“Where are you going?”

We are going into the train’s W.C.”


“Yes, you and me into the W.C. for a B.J.”

“But if the train departs while we are at it.”

“Then I simply get off at the next station and buy a return ticket.”

“Listen, you don’t have to.”

“I know, I want to.”

“But why?”

“Another precious thirteen minutes spent with you. Sit down.”


“Where else?”

“Christ, what if someone wants to use the toilet?”

“Presumably they can read and will see the engaged sign on the door now then shut up. In a second conversation will be hard as I will have my mouth full.”

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