Sunday, 11 September 2005

dad (september 11th 1925 - december 8th 1988)

i have the echo of you
still with me,
reflected in my mirror.
and the morning shave,
that stings me awake,
brings into sharp relief
a startling image of you.

words by cocaine jesus


Sue hardy-Dawson said...

very echie and poinent

Cocaine Jesus said...

sue>>>i love you to bits, bad spelling and all BUT what is 'echie'? i am sure it is a good thing but i can't sound it out or make sense of it. ha ha ha. you are a nutter you know.

Queen Neetee said...

After reading "dad", I sat with my chin on palm, supported by my elbow on my desk and felt a steady comfort of life in my spirit from your words as I did in posture. Can you write anymore perfect? I fear that I might spontaneously combust if the answer is 'yes'. Just don't answer that.

Cocaine Jesus said...

queen neetee>>>you honour me too much. no sooner have i enjoyed one sort of writing and then i will be off doing something totally different but thank you any way. i love him still very much and would desperately like to tell him how wrong i was about so much. still shit happens and he was without a doubt one of the biggest influences, even though i didn't know it then, on my life. thanks again for your words.

finnegan said...

I think sue hardy-dawson must mean "itchy", since you're talking about stubble. Poinent is a lost Gallic village in the south of France.

Seriously C.J., this one is poignant to perfection. Q. Neetee knows. She has posted about her mother in her own moving manner.

I never did have a dad that I could reflect about in this special way. He was gone and incognito before I even knew I was named after him.
What irony!

But I am a father now; my son being much smarter than I ever was or will ever be. Oh, and I tell him so too, even though I know he knows it.
But he never says it...which underscores my first remark.

But he may look in the mirror at a future time and wonder: "What does "echie" mean?"

VW = arcijt: which might refer to the trajectory of the last SST flight.

floots said...

I have these moments but seldom manage to capture them so beautifully. Since moving to Scotland I hear my father talking about trout fishing every time I pass Loch Fada. (and now he's gone, I listen.)

Cocaine Jesus said...

finn>>>itchy. yes, of course. makes perfect sense and since myown spelling is as bad as sues, i am in no position to make a fuss about it.

Queen Neetee sure has a way with words that is very moving and certainly tugs at this old fools heart strings.

I cannot comment on your own Father as I neither knew him nor your circumstances but it sounds very sad. Good to hear that your own son and you have the relationship that a father and son should have and as for echie . . i must get some cream for that!

WV - ajthfwvd. all journals that have faceitious word verification (are) damned.

Cocaine Jesus said...

floots>>>and then you hear that voice saying "I told you so" . . .

transience said...

i would never have come up with a more startingly beautiful tribute. he is in you. and it's nice to meet him.

Cocaine Jesus said...

trans>>>true but i wish he would stop singing those damn ella fitzgerald songs though!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Have you never heard of 'echie' it's what you get when you shout in the mountames, mountaimes, mountains, an echie is what coooomes back tooo yoooo! OK so now I'm being silly but echies and stomac achs are worms I have lots of probables with

Cocaine Jesus said...

sue>>>what a start to my day that was. laughed? i nearly cried. me too. iacn't spell for toffee. i have to run everything through spell check but echie was one word that i couldn't unravel. sorry and thanks. ha ha ha.

Pincushion said...

That stung my eyes..that image..
It brought back my dad back to me too :)
simple essence of love!

Cocaine Jesus said...

pincushion>>>yes it does hurt and it will hurt for ever more but i guess that is the way of things. tao if you like.
how is your dad?

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

The trouble with spell check is it has ideas of its own, or is that just mine?

Cocaine Jesus said...

sue>>>no. mine is the same. we now have computers that have the ability to write and spell 'english' in its many variants. eg. american english, canadian english, australian english and because america (apparently) invented the language you get their english english that offers spell check so that is why sometimes words that we think are OK are indeed wrong! that and the fact that i cannot spell for toffee.

*jeanne* said...

Striking poem for your father.

My spell check always points out that I cannot spell my own name...that's the thing with these "programs" - no imagination, no sense of humo(u)r.

Cocaine Jesus said...

jeanne>>>thank you and welcome. yes, i know what you mean. for years i used to 'wind up' my parents and teachers by spelling homour and colour as you guys do and even writing through as thru. in the end though all those telling off's must have worked!!

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