Tuesday, 16 August 2005

faith by numbers

the church bell rings
a solemn note that smells
of green
and sounds like hope
down in the layered
patchwork quilted
heart of
Englands farmland.
the congreation amble by
in clotted formation that looks
like faith
but tastes like club mentality.
faith by numbers.
religion captures god behind locked doors.

words by cocaine jesus


gulnaz said...

religion captures god behind locked doors.

can't say it better!!!!!

bravo CJ!!

Misreflection said...

Love the title faith by numbers..
WHY?? do you need numbers huh?

Cocaine Jesus said...

gulnaz>>>one faith for all

Cocaine Jesus said...

missy>>>no i don't. when i talk to 'god' i go direct.

floots said...

like faith
but tastes like club mentality

lorra lorra truth in a short poem
puts me in mind of the old Rowan Atkinson sktech
he's a vicar with a full church - because Songs of Praise is being recorded

Cocaine Jesus said...

floots>>>i have no problem with faith at all but when it becomes organised and littered with aged ritual and pointless dogma that is when i turn off.

castor said...

I agree totally with you but some people need the religion as "opium" and that's fate... it's a pity, but it's true ... ("Religion is the opium of the people", by Karl Marx)

Queen Neetee said...

How true the nature of mankind to march in club-like fashion when making a claim of their faith. They march pass the sounds, the sights, the smells, and colors that were ironically created by a God they try and '.....capture behind locked doors.'

Cocaine Jesus said...

castor>>>i guess that you are right but from my perspective, and i have my own private faith which i do not shove down other peoples throats, i simply don't understand why organised religion exists at all. it has nothing to do with being good or believing in god but is rather used to control individuals and bend their will to the collective thoughts of the men who wrote the fictions of faith.
pick up your beds and go direct!

Cocaine Jesus said...

queen neetee>>>exactly so and whilst marching past claiming to know god better than the rest of us they miss the tired old and very beautiful individual who sits on the kerbside with head in hand who just happens to be the god that they profess to love so much but due to pig ignorance and bovine stupidity totally overlook god when they come face to face.

finnegan said...

My own country is being hijacked by rabid, soul-gutted religious kultist-kooks who pray in spackled mega-mall churches and take their cues from mutant slickster televangelist hucksters like Greg Lauri, who fleece them like Barnum and Baily on meth for their Jezo-bucks.....Finnegan pauses here for a lengthy belch....and the world gawks in horror and disgust amen.

Cocaine Jesus said...

finnegan>>>god in corporate clothing?

finnegan said...

Yes. God as the spiritual side of business.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I think there's an element of what you say in all organisations, but it doesn't have to be like that and the inside of a church has a special camah that is irriplaceable
people make a church a good or bad place with their collective thoughts and hopes. I can hear the bells in this.

Cocaine Jesus said...

sue>>>it is not my intention to stir up religious discord. i have my own faith and i respect others but my point is this, lots of peolple, good people too, NEED that social gathering and all too often the religious aspect, and certainly the faith element gets overlooked. they are often more interested in meeting their mates at the local church than praising god.
i don't think you need a church to believe in god.
i don't think you need to belong to organised religion to believe in christ of mohamed.
i don't think you need to go to church or belong to any organised religion to be a good human being.
and i do passionately believe that organised faith, over many years, has been the cause of much evil. albeit from misguided souls masquerading as either muslims or christians.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I agree with you really I do, but I have long been trying to make our church more welcoming to newcomers who are often ostresized (can't spell that) it gets me so mad when people involved with the church miss the whole point of Christianity, it's not an exclusive club any one can and should feel welcome to come and see what is going on, otherwise the without reaching out to each other no matter who their God is or what their beliefs are the whole point of unity and loving each other as your self is lost. So I wasn't disagreeing or sensoring you I was saying it is the fault of people just like all the crimes commited in the name of religion, and these are in fact seeds from the same tree.

bismuth said...

i agree. religion has got god behind locked doors. i believe in the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient creator of all things. and i just can't think that in his greatness he needs rituals and people to intercede for the rest of us.

Cocaine Jesus said...

bismuth>>>i echo your thoughts and agree totally.

NicoleBraganza said...

Religion divides. Yet somehow, I need religion to keep me directed, focussed. I think we need to realize that we are only using religion as a medium to worship God. When it is religion and its rituals that becomes more important, that is where we fail.

Cocaine Jesus said...

nicole>>>you have managed to capture and say what i had struggled to. thank you.

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