Thursday, 4 August 2005

cat foot

i pass a needle into my vein and pump my blood full of dark foreboding and the feeling that i get is of cat fear that rattles my senses,
cat fear that treads on tick tack pinpricks and sends shivers of horrified self loathing up and down my spine,
oh spine of jelly,
oh fear of love and longing,
you are bubastis and i am the egyptian traveller that follows your caravan
so don't scratch me with your talons,
lest you rake my back in the throws of passion,
don't spit and snarl with devil teeth,
although you have every right.
i am the craven coward caught by the tail
and you are the other side of the black hunt.
as much as i may worship at your alter i am bound by the rules
that regulate me into dumb obedience
and tie me foot and hand at the doors of never-you-mind.

words by cocaine jesus


transience said...

tie me foot and hand at the doors of never-you-mind

that strikes me so much. not so much where fetishism is concerned. more like a soul-ache, with a tan.

Cocaine Jesus said...

transience>>>soul ache with a tan is about right.

floots said...

it was that final section which hit me too
(also loved transience's description of it)

Cocaine Jesus said...

floots>>>thanks. i seeyou have gone from a butterfly to an aging rock star. cool which ever which way

Queen Neetee said...

How many of us do not sport tell-tale marks on arms up sleeves and yet pass needles of deep obession into the veins of our own secret consciousness? Within that ennumerable group, strong desires infiltrate our blood and high steps to the march in our coursing veins. It - our desires - drag us by head of hair to gaze languidly upon our own mirrored reflections. And before the glass we all cry for 'love and longing'. Oddly enough however, the accusers throw accusations with their good arms in between the need of their own secret brand of fix. The cat knows no bonds.

Cocaine Jesus said...

queen neetee>>>how many? probably far too many and judging by the similar souls who inhabit this blogging universe, more than we would have ever thought.

finnegan said...

Wow Jeez, you and me got a thing about cats lately, no? Over at Virgo's place it's much the same. Curse of the Cat People Revisited

By the way, I want to put up an updated banner for this here blog. Got any suggestions as to what you'd like? Naturally the more elongated and colorful the better ;-)

Come on by and let me know! Great post you left over at my site. I tried to bow but knocked my head on the table. Can't win.

Cocaine Jesus said...

when it comes to banners i'm about as much good as a chocolate fireguard. you choose and thank you very much for the generous compliment.

littlepage said...

"and you are the other side of the black hunt." I like this a lot, Cocaine Jesus. As always, thanks for letting me lurk here, fill up on words and mind-tendrils.

Cocaine Jesus said...

littlepage>>>welcome back. long time no see. glad you are back!

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