Thursday, 7 July 2005

bite sized 'n baleful

despair comes in bite sized chunks
that are hard to swallow but easy
to chew but just like vomit the taste
is stale and as bitter as bile and black
as secrecy.
for peace of mind it is better to avoid
the unpalatable attraction of the modern
worlds working practise that can only
plead gross insanity and that preys on
and plays to the gods of avarice and
corruption and power.

words by cocaine jesus


_Soulless_ said...

hard to swallow but easy
to chew

*nods in agreement*

just like vomit the taste
is stale and as bitter as bile and black
as secrecy

Dang. My senses just got dealt with repeated whacks my mind relished. Like a rollercoaster high. ^_^

floots said...

That opening image is so powerful, effective - and unpleasant: it left me with a strange mix of disgust and guilt. In other words, for me at least, the poem does just what it says on the tin - crams a lot of acerbic truth into a few words. Thank you.

bismuth said...

hey cj! i'm not sure if you live in london. but i hope you're ok.

transience said...

the first line did it for me, too. it was a powerful mix of words, cj.

and thanks for reassuring me--glad you're alright.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I'm feeling kind of shaky today I was supposed to go to Londen today for an inset day about some workshops I'm going to do and it's all been called off obviously but had it been 24 hrs later I would have been getting into Kings Cross about that time. One minute you feel safe and unasailable then the next you realise how fragile is happyness

Cocaine Jesus said...

sue>>>life is so damn fragile and brief isn't it? i used to think that i was immortal and that nothing could damage or hurt me. now the words of my grandmaother keep coming back to me. you get just one chance so make the most of it.

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