Saturday, 14 May 2005


she's my knife and my mirror, my incense and candle wax, my vision of the future, my history and now.
she's my eclipse and my rainfall, my scent of spring and footfall, my hearing and my breathing, my heartbeat and my pulse.
she comes to me on tv screens, in adverts and in echoes, in the depths of my despair, in my moodswings and my rages and my sulks and abuse.
she is the pillow in my nightmares, my holidays and paychecks, my smoke and my glass, my continuity and forgiveness.
she is the anchor in the sudden storm when all else is broken, a lifeline and a grapevine, my contact to the world.
my lust and my confussion, my love and my companion in this fucked up, darkening world she is the sunlight and the daylight, the starlight and the moon.
she is the start, she is the end, my one time lover friend, she is the only reason that I need, my oblivion and my god send.

words by cocaine jesus


floots said...

Substance, lady, memory, archetype?
For me they're all in there - and I'm still diggin'.
I been reading this for about fifteen minutes and now I figure I can go get the paper and the Garibaldi. Thank you - for the poem and, indirectly, for the biscuits.

gulnaz said...

that is so beautiful!! it always warms my hearts to see people so in love. :) "she is the pillow in my nightmares" that's how love should be.

transience said...

you paint such a vibrant picture of love. wish i could do the same.

Cocaine Jesus said...

floots>>>enjoy the paper and biscuits (and the poem)

gulnaz>>>I tried leaving a comment on your most recent post the one about love andi couldn't (???)


Misreflection said...

well put,would be nice if we all could have a he/ she like this huh?
Life's taught me that a life shared is indeed a life of richness money will never buy. ..

gulnaz said...

sometimes blogger's commenting acts up....try later. :)

Aisha said...

way cool. nice imagery.

Roger Stevens said...

Just been reading your pomes and catching up. Some good stuff here. Most enjoyable. Indeedy.

Cocaine Jesus said...

missy>>>two is best. especially if you find that elusive soul mate.

gulnaz>>>just like arnie 'i'll be back'

aisha>>>having just read your excellent blog i take that as a compliment.

roger>>>the poet on the blog.mucho gracias.

Roger Stevens said...

New Poets on the Blog - sounds like a band, eh? Band of poets...

Love is love, not fade away.

Cocaine Jesus said...

roger>>>stop drinking the coffee, its doing your head in!!!

Cocaine Jesus said...

roger>>>come to think of it that is a damn fine name for a collective blog site . . .

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