Sunday, 5 February 2017

Smudge - Here then Gone

Caught at the scene of an earlier crime. Note the hole in the stairs where a carpet used to be.

At this moment in time, all recent events seem a little unreal. Life is, after all, what is happening to you when you are busy making other plans. On the 27th of January, my family celebrated  Smudge, our pet dog's, birthday. He was one year old, still a pup really. Now, nine days later, Smudge is dead. Cruelly, or so it seems to us, ripped from the heart of our family just as he was beginning to grow into the mature dog that was such a delight to know.

Only Friday, as I took him for a walk over the fields, he proved yet again how intelligent he was but also what fun he could be. We had encountered a lady walking her dog when Smudge, upon seeing them, and off the leash, lay belly down in the manner of all good Border Collies. At this, the lady laughed. I have no idea what her companion thought but he was an older, arthritic chap who looked to be some sort of cross Labrador. Putting Smudge back on his lead (he tends to bounce over new friends like Tigger in a frenzy) I awaited their arrival. Pogoging for Britain, Smudge nearly tore my right arm out from its socket as be jumped up and down in boisterous greeting. The elderly chap graciously accepted the young pup's exuberant greeting with a quite dignity achieved only at a certain vintage. The lady laughed some more.

As they went their way so we went ours. For Smudge this meant jumping into the first puddle he could find, rolling around a bit before looking to me for approval. As I am the one left to clean him up after his escapades and as I had limited time before returning to work I was less the ecstatic. Undeterred, my furry friend then bounded over the goosegrass, cathweed, stickyweed, grip grass, sticky willy and willow grass until he came across, much to his delight, a small stream near where the kids ride their dirt-track-bikes. With a gay abandon normally associated with ASBO's, Smudge dived nose first into said stream surfacing seconds later only to shake his head in sheer joy whilst staring at me as if to say 'Hey, look at me. Neat huh?'

Smudge was neat; neat and tender, loving  and kind. When I had my chest infection over Christmas he clambered onto my head, laid his body on top of mine then sniffed my face and mouth. Thinking he wanted sex I was about to tell him I had a headache but he was only checking me out. Seeing what the matter was with me. He then shuffled down the bed a bit to lay on my legs. This didn't mean I had greater movement, I didn't, but it did mean he had a position from which to monitor me. He stayed with me all that day and in his own way 'looked after' me.

On Saturday, a little after Squid and I took our leave of Smudge to go to town,  as is our habit, after telling him we won't be long, that we loved him and would see him later, my son, Jamie arrived home to find Smudge convulsing on the floor. Jamie stroked the dog trying his best to comfort him until the seizure stopped. When it had Smudge was unable to walk so Jamie, intending to take him to the vet, lifted him up to carry him. Smudge had another seizure but eventually Jamie got him to the vet who looked at out ailing pet. The vet did what he could but suggested Jamie drive Smudge to what is, to-all-intents-and-purposes, a pet hospital in Bishops Stortford. This Jamie did. When they arrived Smudge had another seizure. They put a drip into Smudge then placed him on life support. It was now the early hours of Sunday so Jamie, with nothing he could do for his dog, left and came home before going to bed. Within hours Smudge went into a coma. The vets then ran  a M.I.R scan. Smudge had had a massive haemorrhage. The vets phoned my son to let him know the situation saying he had better be quick as they didn't think Smudge had long.

Smudge died around 1300 hours today aged one year and nine days.

I love you Smudge, I always will but more than that I miss you terribly. You were a true friend and no mistake. Rest in peace old chum.


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Cara H said...

I am very sorry for your loss. It's sad how little time they have on the Earth compared to us.

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