Wednesday, 25 January 2017

"Call Me" by Imelda May

From the forthcoming album, "Life Love Flesh Blood," comes this delicious, moving single. The music is, as one would hope, of the highest calibre but then again, only as we have come to expect. The first thing that struck me upon first hearing and viewing the song performed on YouTube was the change of style the singer/songwriter has made. Gone is the rockabilly quiff with its rebelious blonde streak replaced by a long, dark fringe. It is a good change but then again I like artists that move on dragging us in their wake.

"Call Me" is a mournful song of love lost. The song stands on its own without the need for a video but all the same, the video adds a visual clarity that underlines the songs pleading message. In the film, we see a woman deeply distressed by her lover's refusal to phone her. We aren't told why this is nor what has caused this apparent rift but it is obvious that the split is significant.

In truth the song is autobiographical. Imelda May and her husband parted on 17th July 2015. Three years of marriage down the tubes apparently. Imelda May soldiers on writing what will very possibly be her most honest and personal album yet. The fifth in a succession of good albums. It is released at the end of March, the 31st.

This song is the perfect introduction to the album, soulful, heartfelt and deeply revealing. Imelda May has the sort of voice X-Factor impresario Simon Cowell longs to discover. It is a voice of liquid gold, of warm treacle running from a silver spoon; it is a voice that is perfect for singing the sort of fiftyesque music the artist sings.

The album is produced by T Bone Burnett the man who has overseen many an award winning album in recent years. With extra help in the shape of Jeff Beck, Jools Holland and Bono it promises a lot.

Personally, I am on tenterhooks. The wait for me is no different than the ones I had as a child waiting either my birthday or that of Christmas. I can hardly, even though I have to, wait.

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