Wednesday, 31 August 2016

"Who Rules the World?" by Noam Chomsky

If Noam Chomsky were a dissident Russian, Iranian, Korean or Muslim, if he were an Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; a Marjane Satrapi; a Kim Heung Kwang; an Ayaan Hirsi Ali, instead of a Jewish American, he would be globally extolled a hero in his homeland. His stance against injustice lauded. The fact he is acclaimed world-wide as being an outspoken critic of the world's greatest threat to peace by other nations is unsurprising. However, equally unsurprising, is that said acclaim does not carry universal appeal in his homeland as it just happens to be the self-same nation the rest of the world fears, the one he writes about - the United States. 

With this book Chomsky again holds high his principled views of independence, self-respect, and personal dignity alongside those of freedom, justice, mercy, and peace.

He has little regard for the Republican party seeing it as little more than a tool used by large corporations to extend their consumerist empire nor does he have much time for the likes of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or indeed the now iconic John Kennedy. He rather sees them all as instigators of American Imperialism, as masters of a terror used to quell or overthrow governments not to their liking even those democratically elected. He backs this viewpoint up with a vast amount of documented evidence found in the archives of those who partook, or carried out orders given by The President.  In other words the evidence is sound and verified by, in many cases, either military leaders or former members of the Whitehouse. 

Using his customary conversational style mixed with wit, sarcasm and insight along with a deep knowledge of American history he enables the reader to better understand how his nation has been drifting since the close of the Second World War from a position of benign global dominance to one of a fading empire whose powers are waning.

The twin thrusts behind the book are Global Warming and Nuclear War. He cites America's flagrant disregard of Micheal Gorbachev's initiative following the former Russian Premier's generous offer to allow reunification of Germany  as long as the United States didn't move to within one inch of the Russian border, as having been willfully ignored to the detriment of all our lives in the West. Again, this is an undisputed fact verified by one officials callous response 'it was only a verbal agreement.' Verbal, that is a persons word, should be all that is required. 

Chomsky suggests we should not fear Iran but rather the likes of Pakistan and India but also cites Israel as being,again with verifiable evidence, the most feared and dangerous nation in the Middle-East with possibly Saudi Arabia close behind. But it is Russia he feels the most likely to initiate nuclear war even though their military might is woefully inadequate compared with the USA. Why? America has moved their missiles, over the course of many years, to within hours striking distance. In other words, they have had enough.

Interestingly, Chomsky has unearthed documented instances, some as mentioned by former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, of occasions when nuclear war has been nearly waged only to be averted by military commanders who disobeyed orders and didn't fire the missiles.

In 2015 'The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists' moved the hands of its famous Doomsday Clock to three minutes to midnight. The clock is ticking.

As for the environment, well, there is now overwhelming proof of how near disaster we are. Denied flatly by the corporate lackeys, the Republican Party, and with only lame, halfhearted attempts by the Democrats, the situation is drifting much like the Zachariae Isstrom, the massive iceberg that broke free of Greenland with the potential to raise the sea level by eighteen inches if it were to melt. 

Chomsky speaks not just for the nation where he lives but for all mankind. This book is an important book, one that should be read.

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