Sunday, 3 July 2016

Michael Gove

"If you want a man with charisma, I am not that man."
"If you want a man of integrity, I am not that man."
"If you want a back stabbing, dishonest individual who will stop at nothing to achieve his ends... then select me for I am that man."

You really shouldn't judge a book by its cover but if you did then the author of 'Michael Gove' would have to sack his designer. Of course, having a poor dust cover on a book of superbly crafted text or of great literary work would drive the publishers to weep at the loss of not having their author on the best-selling list. Sometime's though the cover is a perfect representation of the text. This is the case with Michael Gove. He is at best a mediocre manuscript filled with hackneyed cliches, a vapid intellect with more banalities than a barrow loaded with platitudes. His creased brow is not the brow of one furrowed in concentration but that of a poker player dealing a crap hand or a cross-eyed squid suffering constipation.  It is the face that contains a viper's stare behind a jelly jaw foreclosed on a set of fangs ready and prepared to bite you the moment you look away.

Yes, It is a face that could launch a thousand deceptions. It is a face whose owner maintains its placid countenance whilst all the while contemplating which part of the body he will plunge his knife. You most assuredly know that here is an individual divorced of the human traits we most admire, a human incapable of loyalty to anyone other than himself. 

His attempt to suggest he is not another Tony Blair, however, accurate the assessment, would be fine were he not the illegitimate son of Norman Bates. His recent assassination of Boris Johnson reveals a man prepared to slice and carve his way through a queue of likely lads and lasses all of whom are waiting in line to step into the breach as left by David Cameron. However, I suspect Teresa May is more than woman enough to fend off even the meanest spirited of serpents belly bent and slithering like Severus Snape on ketamine. x

How anyone could elect this man to lead their party I really cannot imagine. How anyone could even contemplate such a thing unless it was with a morbid desire to inject a degree of black humour into a political landscape as grim and filthy as the bottom of a trash can or the foothills of Moria, is beyond me.

The great favour he has gifted the left, certainly Labour, is to present himself as the potential leader of the Conservatives. The incredible disservice he has presented to democracy is to poison the Conservative government, along with politics in general, with a contemptuous disregard for others.  One wonders if he is another acolyte of Ayn Rand?

Michael Gove - hubris? You'd better believe it. 

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