Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Pragmatists Approach to Trump vs Clinton

The pragmatist is often the pit bull set loose by the idealist to compromise his ideals. In life and in politics compromise is one way by which consensus can be achieved. That being so the pragmatist must remember they are not the cerebral prototypic but the mechanism by which the quintessential manages to inch its way toward the desired target. 

The way in which the United States General Election has impacted on us in Britain is due in no small part to us witnessing another nation enduring a similar reaction to the one the UK had last May: a complete and utter loss of confidence in any of the mainstream parties. That is to say, dealing with unpalatable choices that remain questionable in one case and damn right irresponsible on the other, the American electorate is faced with the devil and the deep blue sea. Hilary Clinton is the establishment's choice yet is undeniably unpopular. Trump appears to be and appeals to many as, a maverick yet is not a runaway favourite with all voters as his views are extreme. When you contemplate the polls both Trump and Clinton seem to be neck and neck yet when you analyse Sanders versus Trump the polls show a clear victor - Bernie Sanders.

Trump is such a loose cannon he needs his balls (cannonballs obviously) taken away. Clinton though is unable to do this as she has insufficient firepower herself. She is too busy waiting on her indictment whilst defending her neoliberal policies all of which seem indefensible. Sanders on the other hand with his likeness to one of the great Democrats of all time - Franklin D. Rosevelt - appears as being pretty impervious to the shot Trump fires his way yet equally able to respond with his heavy  'New Deal' artillery. We have here a case of a far right neoconservative facing down a conservative neoliberal neither of whom have the public's categorical support.

The practical approach, of which the Democratic elite seem unable to grasp, is that however much they think having Hilary Clinton as President is a thoroughly good idea the idea is not shared by the American voters. Consistently over the last few decades, the Democrats have moved to the right. As they have so the Republican's too have moved further in that direction. This is of grave concern as we now have the world's most powerful nation moving from progressive to aggressive. The ideal choice for me, if I were American, would be to vote for Jill Stein. Now she really is radical, truly progressive. However, and being pragmatic with a keen eye on the polls but aware of how they can often mislead, to beat Trump, to halt the shift to the right, Bernie Sanders is the only candidate capable of beating the one man every sane individual wants to keep out of the White House. The polls show this yet still the Democrat establishment ignores these signs. Why?

If both candidates are so disliked, and patently they are, and if the polls are anything to go by why take such a risk with the nation's wellbeing by promoting an individual that people are highly suspicious of?

Of course, the whole deal seems sewn-up. President Obama has endorsed Clinton as the Presumptive Candidate. The establishment has closed ranks. In fairness, Hilary Clinton has won a hell of a lot of votes, more than Sanders. Out of the 4,051 available, she has won 2,203. And even with the Superdelegates, if Sanders were still to have a chance, he'd have to win 400 of the 500 votes available. It is highly unlikely he now can win. There is, however, still that matter hanging over Hilary Clinton's head like a rusty ax - the pending indictment. 

At this stage, I am truly concerned that Trump might still sneak past the post first. His grasp of the details surrounding the Orlando shootings seems so flimsy as to be laughable. The fact that there were armed guards there eludes him. Trump's first suggestion is that no one really understands what has happened, that no one fully understands what happened. No! Trump  doesn't understand. He blames first the lack of weapons and then blames Obama for being weak, too soft. He is playing to the right. His views are obnoxious yet still he remains a presidential candidate. He is sill on course for the White House, still on course to gain power. If he does then God help us all.

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