Wednesday, 22 June 2016

On Staying in Europe

In the sanitised sanctuary of the living room, with keyboard pressed against his thighs, the politically retardant evergreen witters on about democracy, about Europe, about being anti-establishment and all manner of things his limited view, given him by the political classes via their controlled spectrum of events, allows him to debate. He is no more anti-establishment than the monarchy. He seeks a freedom he cannot have as he prepares to leap out of the frying pan into the fire. He believes he is independent, he is only a coward.
He proudly divests himself of any intellectual credibility by espousing the concept of having a democracy. Like capitalism, it doesn’t exist. What he has is a representative democracy. The last time capitalism was flying high was during the years before the great depression when it, capitalism, crashed so low. In fact, in that period capitalism failed 44 times. What we now have is state-capitalism; that is Big Governments supporting Big Business supporting Big Government. Trapped neatly between these twin ruthless jaws, the powerful machinery of industry grinds along, like some Orwellian monster,  sophisticated, remorseless and terribly efficient - this is globalisation. 
Since 1974 state-capitalism has failed 14 times proving socialists right as they have always claimed capitalism, state or otherwise, is doomed to run an ever decreasing spiral of ‘boom’ and ‘busts.’ But then again Hitler always said democracy leads to socialism.  Maybe he was right?
The concept of globalisation runs paradoxically against internationalism. Where internationalism understands, welcomes even, the inherent differences found in our various communities binding them forever to localised democracy, or if you will, grassroots democracy. The other, globalisation, like communism, like state-capitalism, seeks to centralise everything effectively removing the iniative from the people. The machine which is meant to serve us all turns us into flesh cogs as it grinds away our liberty. Flesh cogs are so easy to replace.
Fear galvanises him as does his incoherent understanding of politics as does his self-delusional belief that he is an individual bucking the mainstream. He is part of it and, if his hopes find fruition, has helped remove the only tool he has to fight his corner with - democracy. He sees the EU as being fascist regardless of the facts that reveal it isn't; it is globalisation with neoconservative, neoliberal laissez faire policies. There is no grand-leader just a set of invisible individuals who reap the seeds they have sown as we, the working person, rake the manure whilst they get rich as we get filthy.

By the end of this century it is predicted we will have a global community with the next stage being one that allows single laws (a welcome thing perhaps), along with a single currency but also a single centralised administration. State controlled government is not a democracy it is control. This system that has been mapped out , this globalisation, will remove the last vestiges of our having any say to how our lives are led. It is a subtle form of slavery but it has no flag to wave, no night rallies to attend. The only way to prevent this eventuality is to stay and fight. Europe needs to be fully democratised.
I am pro-European. I believe the trade gains made by being part of the EU along with having a mutual defence mechanism is of enormous benefit. I dislike the concept of border controls but recognise having erected false walls we cannot simply remove them. Allowing a free-for-all would ultimately create chaos bringing harm to those seeking to escape war along with the citizens in situ. This does not obviate our responsibility to those people. Our Western governments have bombed their homes. We owe them sanctuary. More than anything, I dislike the singular lack of democracy that Europe  has. It is bad enough my homeland is nothing like a true democracy but Europe is by far much worse. I want to change that.
My vote will be to stay in the EU but with one massive proviso. It must change. It must return localised government to sovereign states. It must, in effect, reject state-capitalism, reject globalisation and embrace democracy. There is only one way this can be achieved. Vote stay and make your voices heard. Fight is the only option, flight isn't.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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