Monday, 9 June 2014

Obama's in The Middle East

preaching words of love and peace as napalm burns the skies,
armed with the cross of Jesus wrapped in butane lies,
cloaked in a robe of democracy whatever that implies,
with ten psalms for the virgin child another human dies.
we raise a flag that we can wave on someone else's shores
with bootheel's on the tarmac and guns against the doors
we hurl insults at ordinary folk and call them sons of whores
and scream as the silent winds are drowned out by the roars
of cannons and gunfire and missiles made of steel
that tear aside the countryside, the plough, and the wheel
then listen to our leaders who spin webs of deceit
about victory for freedom as integrity meets defeat.

A poem written some years ago, a little rough around the edges maybe but still relevant

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