Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Kathy Morton Stanion

The abstract was one of my first loves. I think this was in part because I believed if I could paint (I can't) then the easier option for me to express myself would be in an abstract manner. This suggests that I think of abstract as being an easy option for those who paint in such a style; that they are somehow inferior to other artists. This simply isn't the case. Jackson Pollock and Don Van Vliet remain among my all time favourite painters. The reason I favoured abstract was that I believed with my heart and mind forever in turmoil it would provide the perfect platform for me. Sadly, I paint like a Labrador with one leg and bark like a tree.

Kathy Morton Stanion paints like a thoroughbred. Vibrant colours rich with texture combined with a vitality that fire sparks off the canvas in a vivid exuberance of life captured and framed. Her abstracts are startling, her landscapes lush.

Kathy is American, one who graduated from the Art Institue of Pittsburgh. She now lives and works in Ohio where she produces some highly imaginative art. 

Born? Most certainly. When? Haven't the foggiest. Can't say I really care. These paintings are the thing to luxuriate in as you would a hot bath. They are as visually delicious as chocolate muffins dipped in whipped cream. I imagine the intelligentsia of the art world would, maybe do, poo poo them but then again, what do they know?

What I like is the depth and range of subject matter that concentrates, although not exclusively, on images from the world of nature, the world that surrounds us yet that which we sometimes fail to see as we rush by in the hurly-burly of modern life. With her art, Kathy captures the complex diversity of our planet, from flowers to seashells to frogs to insects in flight to the glory of the landscape.

Upon viewing these glorious paintings I am reminded of The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. That by setting my eyes along with my thoughts in contemplative mode I am able to feel less the need to possess material things as I begin to appreciate anew that which surrounds me which often goes unseen. To be, if only whilst viewing the images, a part of something way beyond, yet still a part of, my existence.

Absolutely beautiful.

Nature Voices No. 7 by Kathy Morton Stanion Mixed Media ~ 11 1/4" x 9"

Lone Tree No. 7 by Kathy Morton Stanion Oil ~ 7" x 8.5"

Enso Abstraction 102 by Kathy Morton Stanion Mixed Water Media ~ 11 3/4" x 9"

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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