Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Fortress UK - Another Brick in the Wall

Should Brexit win the referendum and without a hint of my attempting to panic anyone, so a wall will rise dividing Northern Ireland from the Republican South; it would be erected as Eire is part of Europe and Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain. As I say, this is not fear-filled speculation but rather cold logic.

"Custom controls would have to be set up at the Irish Republic’s border with Northern Ireland in the event of a Brexit vote. Ireland would be one of the worst affected countries should the UK choose to leave the European Union. We would say, with particular reference to the Irish people living in Britain, this is a really important decision. Its outcome would affect people in Northern Ireland, it would affect Ireland itself and obviously will have an impact upon the European Union for many years to come." -  Enda Kenny, The Taoiseach.

With both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon claiming Brexit will lead to another referendum yet another wall is looking possible. Imagine our island nations being subjected to border controls, imagine our freedom of movement hampered by a sense of national rather than individual sovereignty.

This possibility has the potential of reducing these islands to a 'V for Vendetta' type scenario, a dystopian like-state filled with surveillance cameras bordered by custom controls, passport checks, and armed guards and run by a Neocon government following Neoliberal policies. 

It is all rather obvious when you think about it. Half of the nation's population want to remain whilst half want to leave. I cannot believe anyone would want to live in a walled-up castle all for the sake of halting immigration especially when that doesn't deal with the real issue. 

Globalisation is not Internationalism. Corporate control, and let's face it for that is what it is, is the Empire which no one strikes back at. Rather than place the blame squarely on the shoulders of laissez-faire economics and lame governments too fearful to stand up to them, people seek the easy target just as they did in 1939. The UK government already have the power to control immigration but don't. Why? Big business is Big Brother. Big business or private enterprise runs the country as it does our governments.

The TTIP appears to have floundered. I would like to think its decline is terminal but suspect not. Many Britains fear closer union with Europe. I fear closer control by the United States of America not because I dislike America but because I fear those who control its destiny. Leaving Europe would not best please the powers that be across the pond yet will not prevent them from exerting greater pressure upon any UK administration. In truth, it's not America nor American's that worry me. I like my American friends but dislike the companies that run their administrations, that run their President's. It is they, the corporates, whose empires we all need to harness. How much money has Goldman Sachs given the Clinton's? Who pays for all the political campaigns? 

Erecting walls may keep migrants out but living in a fortress that is already occupied with the Empires plenipotentiaries will not resolve the UK's problems. Peace of mind will not be found by leaving the EU. Happiness will not be gained by building walls. Happiness will only be found by reforming what exists. And believing Britain can stand on its own without being under the sway of an outside force, that as an independent nation we will be in control of our future is beyond ludicrous even if it makes a select few happy.

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