Thursday, 30 June 2016

Change in the UK? Don't hold your breath - The Passing Pantomime of Pseudo Free Thinkers

Let's do this in reverse or at least in the wrong chronological order. Brexit has won the referendum. Britain is out of the EU. There are voices out there who think themselves radical as they voted along with the 'Leave' campaign. They seem to think they have won a minor battle in the war for freedom. Worse they are determined to align themselves as Anarchist's or as free thinkers who have struck a blow for individual rights. Have they? 

Mister Cameron, having called for the referendum in the first place, has resigned his role as Prime Minister. He will possibly leave his post in October. His replacement is going to be another Conservative, quite likely Boris Johnson or Teresa May. This should strike those self-styled 'Anarchists,' those 'free thinking' peoples who twined themselves to Brexit, as being a little odd. They claim to have won a battle yet are content to have their next government installed without their first having been asked. They won't be voting on who next governs them. As far as I can see this makes their so-called victory nothing but a sham. Surely this engenders any claims of them having had freedom of thought, let alone freedom of speech and certainly not freedom to elect whomever they chose to administer their national needs, farcical.

The fact that David Cameron took us into a referendum in the first place is questionable. History will not look upon him favourably.

Then there is the state of mind of those phoney's who have darkened the name of genuine Brexiteers. Many of this heteromorphic sub-group are merely nationalists who parade themselves as being the single thing they are nor - patriots. Their mindset is filled with the fear of the 'other.' This fear is not only unrecognised by them but vehemently denied. Yet without doubt people are now being abusive to others who were neither born in the UK nor fit a convenient 'English' stereotype. One such chap I know berates others for their lack of 'Englishness' yet is himself South African by birth. Does he not see that not only is he welcome here but his nationality matters little but his racism matters much. No one wants a bigot as a neighbour.

The insane anger that is simmering on the streets fueled by right-wing nationalism is alarming.  What will the reaction of these lowlifes be when they learn they have been duped? The right-wing element has received what they see as a sanction to behave in appalling fashion. This is due in no small part to the manner in which the likes of Nigel Farage have managed the LEAVE campaign. Racism, bigotry, and a xenophobia, long thought to have been deleted from the British psyche, has resurfaced. It is ugly. It must be defeated but of course, these people embrace the perceived legitimisation of racism as they require a single source for blame to be apportioned. These are people who have listened to soundbites; people who are ill-informed of the facts yet believe the very people they HOPE will save them. They have faith. They believe. 

If we were foolish enough to believe that which we saw with our own eyes, which is possibly the single most stupid thing to do, without data, without science, without evidence, without having the full facts and figures before us, we would be nothing short of pond life. Amiable, simple, stupid. Dumb acceptance of whispered words which strike as being credible needs to be investigated not just believed. 

The referendum offered a limited choice. It had but two options. It neglected to have a third or possibly fourth option which would have asked - 'are you dissatisfied with the way in which the EU operates?' ' Would you like the EU to be more democratic and thereby guarantee your voice is heard?'

Now we have the fall-out. Violence and racism. Political parties in disarray. The Conservatives trimming their sails to suit themselves whilst defrocking democracy. They intend to replace their leader and our Prime Minister in one foul swoop. The swoop is indeed foul, and the fowl that flocked to Brexit find the coup most offensive. As for Labour, the opportunists are out with their hatchets raised. Hilary Benn, having been belatedly sacked, has started a forest fire consisting of one tree and some twigs. It's a branch fire, instigated by members of the Blairite faction whose loss of their war-mongering messiah has them leaping about like diseased lepers seeking a miracle cure to their self-inflicted contagion.

Is it just me or does it not strike others as being a little suspicious, what with Tony Blair about to go head-to-head with The Chilcott Enquiry, that the timing of the coup against Corbyn, now with Angela Eagle about to challenge him to an election, is a little too contrived to be authentic? Only a fortnight ago she, Angela that is, was throwing her full support behind her leader telling the world and his wife that Corbyn was campaigning night and day revealing the energy of a teenager rather than a man in the autumn of his life. Is this sudden lack of confidence in a man who gathered more votes from Labour supporters than anyone else in their history not just a little too timely? The whole confidence debacle was started after all when Blairite Hilary Benn was sacked. And him a man who supported yet another war with Syria? Yeah, I smell something fishy here.

Back to those other diseased sheep, you know, the ones who think they are radicals, the same ones who stir the pot of hatred with a giant spoon whilst believing themselves to be the equivalent of political punks. They are nothing of the sort. With all the will-in-the-world they are pretenders to the concept of revolutionary politics. One I know is anti-Semite. She holds the view that the Jews are wholly responsible for financialization. The last time I looked, Rupert Murdoch isn't a Jew. Nor was Thatcher or Reagan. 

Another thinks Nicola Sturgeon a traitor. A traitor to whom? Not the nation she represents, Scotland, surely? She is doing her level best to keep Scotland in the EU having had the vast majority of the Scottish electorate vote to remain. Does he mean a traitor to England? How can she be she is a Scot? These people simply need an excuse to release their hatred. Hatred for what you might ask? For the creeping feeling of living a life like bovines in a herd with some 'outsider' leading that herd. The 'outsider' is unknown to them so they seek the easy option to target, one given them by a political elite desperately disguising the fact they are an elite. Blame not the events that have caused the problem but rather blame those who are victims of it.

Are they, these Pseudo-Free-Thinkers, aware of Bretton Wood, its aims, its intentions of how it was hijacked? Are they aware of John Maynard Keynes world economic solution? A solution that was mutated into a tool of control. Do they know of Paul Volker? Or of how the EU was derailed by those seeking nationalistic hegemony. Do they not see that the wars in Iran, Syria and Libya have given rise to Daesh and huge volumes of immigrants arriving in Europe? That by leaving the EU has not even by one wit altered the situation? Are they aware?

If they are then they are what I suspect they are - those of the left doing what those of the left so often do, swap horses mid-stream and turn right. It is, after all, a classic phenomenon. 

The way this age mirrors 1929 is a terrifying thought but the thought remains. Just as then the victims of events are being vilified by those who need someone to blame when the finger of blame should be pointed firmly in the direction of those hurling the abuse along with those mismanaging our global community. 

This is the worst time we as a nation have faced since World War Two and rather than licking our wounds we are gnawing at them.

And what of the changes about to take place? When will they kick-in? Not for some considerable time, it would seem. First, there may be (should be in my view) a general election. This may happen if we push for it otherwise, it will merely be a change of one set for yet another set of MP's. Then there is still the question of there possibly being another referendum.  Not a bad thing in my view as the call was so close and I am not convinced people knew what they were voting for. Then there is the fact the Conservative Party are back peddling so rapidly they are in danger of going back in time to the moment just before the referendum. I smell betrayal. Boris and co; are not going to do what the electorate thought they would which is to leave the EU. Even young Nigel, he of the beer, cigarettes, and snigger has voiced his concerns. The whole episode seems to be a vaudeville performed for the benefit of an angry crowd to pacify them before the final sting. Out of the Euro? Don't hold your breath. So has anyone struck a blow for individual rights? Not a damn one.

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