Saturday, 14 May 2016

I Have Seen Leicester(S)

  • Why would anyone use a lie as a weapon when the truth is far better at causing hurt?
  • A lie is like a porcelain vase, an empty, hollow, blunt object that is easily shattered.
  • The truth is like a sword that is bright, sharp, and able to slice lies into fragments.
  • I have never beaten up my son even though we seldom talk nowadays I love him.
  • I have never used or abused my daughter's love by undermining their self-confidence. 
  • I have no desire to control my children as real love is the setting free of those you cherish.
  • I do not worship at the altar of avarice. 
  • I have inherited four properties and then spent the proceeds on my family, not me.
  • I have never bullied, even by subtle means, another human being who's understanding and abilities are less than my own.
  • I have never, nor would If I were able to, retrospectively remove salary from a person with disabilities bank account. Not only is this illegal it is immoral.   
  • I have not forgotten the gender abuse as committed against my daughter nor the inaction of the company who employed said, individual.
  • Perjury is the crime of willfully and knowingly making a false statement. I haven't.
  • These are self-evident truths,

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