Saturday, 20 February 2016

Whispering Grass 7 - Living Life and Loving Now

Death and its proximity encourage you to review your life with close scrutiny. Mine has been filled at times with all the wrong things - bad emotions and negative karma. Since 2009 I have been analysing my place here; the reason for my existence. Of course, in one sense the answer is simple – pure random luck. A coupling of two people who exchanged bodily fluids that fertilised and finally produced me. You are born, you live, you pay your taxes then you die. I have no worries on that score whatsoever. Nature sets the rules and I follow its lead as best I am able. I temper those rules with a human morality that includes love, compassion and tolerance. But there is more to life than that. There is the living of it.

Being human and frail I sometimes struggle but that is also Tao, that is fine and I do my best. My mother had a need for a god. Many do. That was her's and their legitimate faith. It is easy to disparage those of faith but misses the point entirely. It really doesn’t matter what focuses you in the search for goodness as long as that is the path you walk. But don't expect forgiveness in a future life for there isn't one.

Tao is God and God is nature and science is the understanding of all things within that trinity - God, science, nature.They are one and the same thing. After all, God is but a name, a human manifestation of how some would like to present God. God is just a word.

Even if the idea of having a personal deity is just a little too much like superstition for my liking I still want to incorporate my search for the truth into my writing. My view of God is the same as Spinoza's - there is certainly something bigger than me, something I am part of.

In all I do I now I live for the moment. With all her faults, many of which I disliked intensely, I loved my mum. I loved and cared for her when she was alive. Now she is dead. She hasn't passed away or gone to another realm. There is no heaven, no afterlife. All that lives is born to die.  But it is in the moment of living that loving should be paramount. Right here, right now. Live life and love those dear to you now. You won't get another chance. 

all words and art are copyright © of Russell 'C.J' Duffy. For another side of CJ go here: sOMeThiNg For tHE wEeKeND, SiR?

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