Saturday, 21 November 2015


A young man's days, evenings and nights are spent in a myriad of ways. I was never one for clubbing or pubbing, too much of a loner. For me it was, still is, listening to music, reading or writing. The other thing, and by no means a lesser one, is females. Not that I am much of a ladies man but more a family man.

Here are a host of females that I, now in the autumn of my life (sic) find appealing to me. Never been one for buxom babes or catwalk kittens. My taste in ladies is as equally individual as my taste in clothes or music.

My choice here is made of three very distinct areas of appeal: talent, sensuality, intellect and in no particular order.

Helen Mirren. One of our greatest actresses and someone who simply oozes sensuality. As she ages she truly improves. Such style, such exquisite tastes....

Polly Harvey. One of my favourite female singer/songwriters. Deep, dark and wonderfully wayward. There is no point trying to pin her down as she would only make a shift to something new.

Tara Fitzgerald. Another fine actress with a voice like a smoky jazz den; deeply seductive. We simply do not see enough of this lady on our screens. Well, not if you are unable to view 'Game of Thrones.'

Kate Bush. The woman is a genius. No, really. Incredibly talented and thankfully not a 'rock chick'. Her output has been entirely of her control. She is not one for being managed but manages her own self with quiet dignity and a lot of determination.

Sally Hawkins. Another fine actress and of course Paddington's adoptive mum. She was brilliant in "Made In Dagenham."  Her range is impressive as is her courage. She will be around for years and will undoubtedly win something grand very soon.

Of course, there are more, Honor Blackman, Bjork and the Queen Mum (well okay, not the Queen Mum), Charlotte Rampling and Naomi Harris.

All have that one ingredient any sane man would desire. Intelligent self-determination. They, as all women are, make no bones about equality. By dint of desire, drive and talent they re-define their own agenda. Surely it is about time that others like them, other females with talent, should be paid the same as men?

I seriously doubt if many of these gifted people get paid the same rate men do. Perhaps I am wrong but I'd be willing to lay a wager I am right. 

Terms like 'the glass ceiling' need to be shattered then scattered underneath a contemptuous boot heel. Being a father of three beautiful females I already know my place.

Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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Cara H said...

Great choices! Personally, I've always found the kind of fellow who insists that only young women with very large silicone-enhanced breasts are attractive to be boring clods.
For my own part, I've never gone for hunky men. I like guys who are a little quirky. My number one pick happens to be about three inches shorter than I am and weighs maybe 110 pounds. Most women wouldn't give a guy like that a second look, but I think he's something special.

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