Friday, 20 November 2015

Bowie - Blackstar

If nothing else it sounds challenging.

You cannot expect an artist of such longevity to always be progressive.

'Next Day' was more the obvious conclusion to or natural successor to 'Reality.' It was of the same mould.  'Blackstar,' still recognisable as Bowie even with its length, multi-track background vocals and its Jazz influences is still familiar to all long-time Bowie fans. This doesn't prevent it being good.

It is.

Very good.

Like Kate Bush on '50 Words for Snow' our blessed re-inventor of himself succeeds where others so often fail.

'Blackstar' is many songs merged. It sounds as though it should have been bequeathed by 'Bring Me the Disco Queen' and 'Outside.' It is David cannily looking elsewhere within himself. He finds and extends his fixation with Jazz, freeform, ambient noise and his urbanity.

I have long lusted for his revisiting his  wandering heart.

I think, with the January release of the self same titled album as the single that heralds its release, I am about to get it.

David Bowie … All eyes on him.
Russell Cuts the Corn From The Brewers Whiskers.

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