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Residents wait in line to receive food aid distributed in the Yarmouk refugee camp on January 31, 2014 in Damascus, Syria.

Each year Barnacle Geese migrate. They breed in Greenland then migrate to the Hebrides and Ireland. The Barnacle Goose is not alone. Swallows migrate as do Cranes and many other birds. This migration is fuelled by the need to find food. It is a natural, essential course to take for the survival of their species.
Migration occurs throughout the animal kingdom. Birds, fish, insects, Wildebeest, Gazelle, Dragonflies and Bees. It is a natural occurrence.
Of all the animals on this planet, how is it that a few appear as soulless as plant life seemingly without any form of compassion or common concern at all? The animals in question being humans.
I recently heard a woman discussing with her friends why on earth should we 'we' help 'them?' This conversation was with regard to the human migrants currently fleeing the war-torn Middle-East. My response to this was to inform her that there is no 'them.' There is only us. We are in trouble. We need help. Therefore, there is no question, not even a pause for thought, that we should help. Those fleeing their homelands are doing so following the West blundering in, acting like the world police to remove dictators they don't like and by doing so have given a reason for ISIS to exist. The cause and effect of these fundamental monotheists are wholly the west's fault. Therefore, those running away in terror becomes the west's responsibility. It is unforgivable that the current UK administration is sinfully turning their backs on fellow humans whose need is so great.

After the so call 'liberation' of Libya and Syria safe areas should have been built then protected by a United Nations peacekeeping force. This would have meant Syrian nationals would not have been forced to take such drastic measures by leaving their homes. As recall we did, or rather David Cameron did, state that the UK would not walk away. That we would offer assistance. Now of course, matters have escalated.
We helped the Jews during the Second World war so why not Syrian's?
These people are not so-called economic migrants. These people, people like us, are running in terror with their children in arms, their families in tow. Mister Farage has suggested that a vast number of these people are in fact male who are actually seeking a better life, who are in fact economic migrants hiding under the wing of those whose lives are threatened. I would like to see firm evidence to support this allegation. I suspect it is spurious. Even if it isn't we must still take those in danger in and house them here.
It isn't just Europe who should shoulder the movement of so many people. America and others too must open their hearts and their borders and, if they haven't already, help.
Too often we humans, corrupted by monotheistic myth, believe ourselves better than or superior to, animals. We are animals, primates, hominids, superior only by virtue of our brain capacity, our creativity and our compassion. With the latter I stand to be corrected as I think many fellow animals show greater compassion when it really counts.
Migration is as natural to our species as it is to Salmon. We have spent millennia traversing our planet seeking homes. The only thing false is the barriers, the borders we have erected. I would like to see them done away with. I appreciate, as the current situation sadly demonstrates, we can not do this without much hard work and effort for the thing I hate has so long been in place that its instant removal would cause enormous problems. That said there is nothing to stop us working to that end. I find it a grave sadness that the European dream, and I admit to having reservations about the UK committing totally to the EU, of a borderless continent is crumbling.
Watching fellow human plead for help and doing nothing is contemptible. I hope Mister Cameron sleeps well at night. I understand Lorazepam helps. I have a horrible thought on that point, of Mister Cameron's apparent opposition to allowing a large intake of refugees and it is this. I believe he is making a political choice over a human one. I believe he is kowtowing to those, admittedly a large voice of public opinion whose xenophobia is addling their brains, who demand we ban all migration to these shores. If this sounds like a backhanded compliment then trust me it isn't. For those small percentage that voted for the current administration then revealed at its head is a man who goes with the flow. He is doing what he thinks will gain more votes for him and his party and that is beyond shameful.

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